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  1. Christmas White Hot Chocolate Kilner Tin


    200g / 7.05oz

  2. Extra Large Blue Whittard Branded Gift Box


    Gold Whittard branded, extra large blue gift box. Gifting shred is included for gift wrapping purposes. Height: 21cm   Width: 41cm  
  3. Medium Blue Whittard Branded Gift Box


    Gold Whittard branded, medium blue gift box. Gifting shred is included for gift wrapping purposes.   Width: 26cm  Height: 11cm  
  4. Large Blue Whittard Branded Gift Box


    Gold Whittard branded, large blue gift box. Gifting shred is included for gift wrapping purposes.   Height: 11.5cm  Width: 26cm  
  5. Spiced Star Biscuits


    These golden all-butter biscuits are a starry twist on the humble mince pie – seasoned with warming spices and mini morsels of sweet mincemeat, each one is a wish just waiting to be fulfilled… Height: 19.5 Width: 6.75
  6. Chocolate Chip & Orange Biscuits


    What is it about the classic combination of chocolate and orange in the depths of winter? The warming orange flavours of these scrumptious crunchy biscuits are the perfect match for melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate chips.  Height: 19.5 Width: 6.75
  7. Mexican Chiapas Coffee

    From £4.00

    January's Coffee of the Month

    • Origin: Chiapas, Southern Mexico
    • Body: Medium-bodied
    • Roast: Light Roast (1)
    • Taste: Soft fruit drizzled with cream and honey
  8. Praline Flavour White Hot Chocolate Kilner Tin


    Who needs snow when there’s White Hot Chocolate? Intensely creamy and brimming with buttery sweetness, we’ve given our classic Luxury White Hot Chocolate a wintry twist with flavours of nutty praline - beats thermals when it comes to keeping out the cold. For a bit...
  9. Luxury Hot Chocolate Kilner Tin


    Unashamedly rich and silky smooth, our Luxury Hot Chocolate is quite possibly the best thing the chocolate connoisseur could wish to come home to on a winter night, smartly showcased in a specially designed Kilner tin. Still feeling the chill? Keep out the cold with a snowstorm...
  10. Ethiopia Teppi Coffee

    From £4.50


    • Origin: Ethiopia, Africa
    • Body: Medium-bodied
    • Roast: Medium/Dark Roast (4)
    • Taste: Classic floral notes with hints of lime and dark chocolate
  11. Papua New Guinea Coffee

    From £4.50

    • Origin: Papua New Guinea, Asia
    • Body: Light-bodied
    • Roast: Light/Medium Roast (2)
    • Taste: Sweet and citrusy with hints of toasted caramel
  12. Brazil Daterra Sunrise Coffee

    From £4.50

    • Origin: Cerrado, Brazil
    • Body: Full-bodied
    • Roast: Medium/Dark Roast (4)
    • Taste: Rich and smoky with liquorice tones
  13. Christmas Coffee Kilner Tin


    No need for the hip flask – our exclusive Christmas coffee blend is a real treat for those who like a tipple. Featuring the finest Arabica coffee beans flavoured to suggest a daring dash of brandy, this glorious winter warmer should be brought to weary mountaineers on the...
  14. Christmas Tea Kilner Tin


    Gather round the fire for strange tales from the spice markets of ancient trade routes – this blend combines a smooth, full-flavoured black tea with exotic notes of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and citrus. The mulled wine of our tea collection, it’s Christmas in a cup.   This...
  15. Bright Spot Teapot


    For those who love tea...
  16. Brighton Blue 2-Cup Teapot


    Take tea by the sea with the Brighton Blue teapot – handpainted in sugary stripes                                                     ...
  17. Brighton Blue Jumbo Mug


    Take tea by the sea with the Brighton Rock teapot – handpainted in sugary stripes       Diameter: 9.2  Height: 11.2                                      ...
  18. Encore Coffee Grinder


    There’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly ground coffee in the morning.   The Encore Coffee Grinder features 40 individual grind settings, from fine to coarse, providing the perfect grind for your daily brew.   You’ll find that a medium-to-coarse...
  19. Virtuoso Coffee Grinder


    The Virtuoso lives up to its name, combining technical skill with classic style for a highly consistent grind. Professional-grade 40mm conical burrs whip up a wonderfully fine espresso grind, while fans of the French Press method will love the Virtuoso for the unparalleled uniformity...
  20. San Agustin Colombia Ground Coffee Valve Pack


    • Origin: Colombia, South America
    • Body: Medium-bodied
    • Roast: Medium Roast (3)
    • Taste: Sweet and silky with a rich nuttiness