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Guatemalan Espresso Capsules

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Origin: Guatemala, Central America
Body: Full-bodied
Roast: Medium/Dark Roast (4)
Summary of taste: Honey and chocolate sweetness
Whittard recommends: Using a filter, cafetière or pour over and enjoying black or with milk according to taste
When to drink: Whenever you need a kick-start

Now you can make the perfect espresso at home, with the touch of a button, or use as a base for the perfect latte or cappuccino. Each capsule contains Guatemalan Elephant Espresso, one of our most popular coffees. Our convenient coffee capsules are suitable for all  Nespresso™  and  Nespresso™ compatible coffee machines. 
Each pack contains ten capsules.


100% Arabica Coffee

Brew a Perfect Cup

  Follow the manufacturer's equipment instructions. Always use fresh water.

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Average customer rating based on 14 reviews

I inserted one of these capsules, and had to use so much force on the lever of my Krups Sn2003 that it broke..
End of story.

Posted by Gwyn Mathias (9th May 2014)


The capsules don't fit the machine well, preventing a good seal being made as your clamp it it, leading to the coffee coming through weak, bland and utterly tasteless.
If I hadn't lost the receipt I'd be straight back there for a refund as this product is clearly not fit for purpose

Posted by Paul (26th April 2014)


these coffee pods do not work in my Nespresso Citiz + milk machine. The lever will not go down and if I try to use force I will not risk breaking an expensive machine for a coffee pod! The pod also falls straight through into the used capsule container. 0/10 for this product. Glad I only wasted money on one box!

Posted by Julie Lata (19th May 2013)


I thought I'd give these capsules a try as I hate paying the p&p charge for nespresso. I like my coffee strong and I really love these capsules! They fit perfectly into my Pixie machine.
I will probably still order from nespresso as I also use decaffeinated but I can recommend these as a convenient alternative.

Posted by JH (29th March 2013)


On visiting my local town looking for a birthday present, I decided to get my cousin some coffee related things from Whittards. I chose the items and on going to pay I noticed that they sold coffee pods to fit my nespresso coffee machine. To my delight I bought two boxes.
On getting home last night, I put one of m new pods in my coffee machine. And all that came out was what I can only describe as drops, granted the cup filled up but by drip, drip, drip. The pod then drops through to used pot, and I out it back in the machine and it seems to work better. So maybe it needs more holes.
Summary- takes about 5 minutes give or take for a coffee. Could maybe do with a bit tweaking? Or have I just got a bad batch?

Posted by Daniel Johnson (15th March 2013)

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Guatemalan Espresso Capsules

Origin: Guatemala, Central America
Body: Full-bodied
Roast: Medium/Dark Roast (4)
Taste: Honey and chocolate sweetness

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