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Monsoon Malabar Coffee

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Origin: India
Body: Medium-bodied
Roast: Strong Roast (5)
Summary of taste: Rich, dark and beautifully smooth
Whittard recommends: Using a filter or cafetière and enjoying black or with milk according to taste
When to drink: After dinner

Monsoon Malabar is one of Whittard's best-loved coffees. Its taste reveals the exotic intensity of its rain-washed beans. Unbelievably smooth with a spicy sweet kick, it is one of India's finest coffees.

It is a coffee steeped in legend, its flavour achieved by chance hundreds of years ago. On their journey from India to Europe in the 16th century the coffee beans were stored in the holds of ships for months. The damp, humid conditions mellowed the beans, removing their acidity and giving them a pale, heavy sweetness, which was an immediate hit with Europeans. To replicate the process today, the beans are laid out and exposed to the Monsoon storms until they are washed to a pale gold.

Monsoon Malabar is a coffee with character. Rich and dark, with a touch of spice, its strength is tempered by a beautiful mellow smoothness, making it the perfect after dinner drink.

For the freshest and best tasting coffee, please consume within 4 weeks.


Pure arabica beans from the Malabar Coast.

Packed in an environment where nuts are handled.

Brew a Perfect Cup

Follow the manufacturer's equipment instructions Always use fresh water. Use water just off the boil so you don't scald the coffee. Do not re-heat brewed coffee.

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Average customer rating based on 15 reviews

Quite simply, the finest coffee known to humanity. True : )

Posted by Lee (21st December 2011)


One of my all time favourites and have tried all of Whittard's coffees over the years. Don't store it in the fridge though- too much moisture! Nice dry cupboard will do!

Posted by Cat Lever (15th December 2011)


My favourite coffee in the whole world! I have been drinking this for years and would never change to anything different. There is nothing to match it. A good, strong cup of coffee which tastes as good as it smells!

Posted by Margaret (4th October 2011)


Tried all Whittard Coffees,but once we tasted the rich stimulating flavour of Monsoon Malabar,we rate it No.1,and enjoy a cup every morning and always after dinner.Coffee flavour fit for KINGS!!

Posted by Jen Thomaas (7th June 2011)


Wow Wow Wow let Whittard's NEVER take away this fabulous Indian Coffee there is NOTHING to match it. Also delicious with a light sprinkle of cinamon on top of the ground beans before brewing. The only downside is it pongs to high heaven so I now keep mine inside 2 layers of clic-loc tupperware so the oils don't take over the fridge!

Posted by Stephen Doran (12th May 2011)

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Monsoon Malabar Coffee
Strong Roast Coffee from Whittard of Chelsea including Monsoon Malabar
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