Whittard Exclusive Blends

You know how there’s nothing quite like your mother’s strawberry jam? We feel the same way about Walter Whittard’s characteristic coffee blends…

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  1. Breakfast Blend Coffee

    From £3.50

    • Origin: Ethiopia/Colombia blend
    • Body: Full-bodied
    • Roast: Medium Roast (3)
    • Taste: Silky smooth with glorious chocolate notes
  2. After Dinner Coffee

    From £3.50

    • Origin: South America blend
    • Body: Full-bodied
    • Roast: Dark Roast (5)
    • Taste: Rich, fruity and sweet
  3. Cafe Francais Coffee

    From £3.50

    July's Coffee of the Month

    • Origin: South American blend
    • Body: Full-bodied
    • Roast: Dark Roast (5)
    • Taste: Distinctly Continental