Coffee Equipment

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  1. Clear Coffee Filter


    Part of our hand brew range, the clear acrylic coffee filter  fits on Hario Glass Coffee Jug 302216 , or mug of your choice. You will need  Coffee Filters 302240 for use with this product. Diameter: 11.5cm Height: 10cm  
  2. Coffee Filters


    Contains 100 paper filters. Designed specifically for use with Hario Clear Coffee Filter(302208).
  3. Jura Blue Claris Filter


    Use of the blue Claris filter guarantees you freshly filtered, delicious - tasting coffee and hot water at all times. Available exclusively at Whittard online. This product can only be sent to a UK address.   
  4. Smart Beam Heater


    Brand new for 2014 from Hario is the Halogen Beam Heater. A beautiful, robust and effective heater with user controls for temperature and time, with memory storage of your favourite profiles. Syphon brewing with precise control like never before! HARIO presents the Smart Beam...
  5. Aeropress Replacement Filters


    Replacement filters for use with Aeropress Coffee maker (302224)