Tea Equipment

Tea Equipment
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  1. Green Cold Brew T Bottle


    A new way to enjoy tea made with cold water. Cold brewed tea is brewed slowly over time to extract the flavours, producing a deliciously mild and rich taste with no hint of bitterness. Beautifully refreshing on hot days, it is a must for any tea lover.   The tea filter...
  2. Japanese Tetsubin Hira Cast Iron Green Teapot


    Japanese Tetsubin teapots have a centuries old tradition. Every teapot is hand cast and hand finished. The interior is lined with porcelain enamel and each teapot has a stainless steel tea infuser. The teapots allow heat to be evenly distributed through the pot to better extract...
  3. Phoebe Tea Cosy


    Treat your teapot with these delightful tea cosies hand-knitted by the talented ladies at Chi Chi Moi in Somerset.    Made from 100% wool kindly provided by well-bred sheep, the cosies come in a classic collection of colours: from ruby red to spicy saffron.    Named...