Tea Equipment

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  1. Teapot Infuser


    A novelty fun teapot shaped tea infuser. Fill this quirky teapot infuser with leaf tea and place in a teapot or a mug.
  2. Stainless Steel Mesh Ball Tea Infuser


    Whittard of Chelsea Stainless Steel Mesh Ball Infuser on a chain. Simply put a spoonful of your favourite loose tea inside, close the clasp and drop into your cup of hot water, and wait for the tea to infuse to your desired strength.  Suitable to use in a 2 cup teapot, cup...
  3. Long Handled Infuser


    Our most popular infuser. Stainless steel with an extra long handle and meshball infuser makes it a great infuser for making an individual cup of loose leaf tea or a fruit or herbal infusion.
  4. Mug & Teapot Infuser & Lid


    An infuser with lid that fits in a mug or in a teapot, just add loose tea and steep in hot water to desired strength. Height: 7.5cm Width: 10.5cm Depth: 7.5cm