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Spring Action Infuser

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A great spring-action infuser for brewing tea leaves in a cup or mug. With a simple pull down motion, you can open the infuser and scoop up your desired amount of tealeaves. Once released the infuser springs shut, capturing the leaves inside. A fun, novel and attractive way to infuse loose tea in a cup or mug.

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I had bought the English Breakfast set with silver plated spring action infuser as a gift & thought it looked so attractive later bought this stainless steel one for myself, although loose leaf is a bit of a luxury!

There are clear written instructions on the packaging to not over fill the infuser - to use approx 1/2 a teaspoon rather than the description above which give the leaves space to expand within the infuser once water is added.

Cleaning while the leaves are too damp can be difficult (leaves can become trapped as per previous reviews) but you have to be gentle otherwise the 2 halves will no longer meet together so over time tea leaves will escape through the gap. I have not experienced much tea leaves escaping from the designed infusion holes.

I think the trick is to not overfill the infuser and also to knock out the used leaves once dry which makes it easier to clean and also causes less damage to the 2 halves of the infuser.

4 stars as I've not had this for long but not had glaring problems but perhaps the instructions could be made more clear - although I cannot remember the ones that were enclosed.

As a result this is a good infuser for a single cup of tea but would recommend looking elsewhere for heavier drinkers.

Posted by Lisa Nathasingh (6th April 2015)


Nice looking product and the spring action works but because the spring action causes the two halves of the infuser to slide over one another rather than opening away from one another it is horrible for filling and cleaning. Probably won't get used much and will seek a better product elsewhere

Posted by Philip Marshall (24th January 2015)


Didn't try it yet, but was reading to see how to use the spring action. Sounds like it won't be easy. I'll try it since I picked it up while in London and now I'm home. I think I'll pick up a strainer. Oh such high hopes.

Posted by Kathy (15th January 2015)


In was given this recently as a gift, and it definitely feels like a quality item. But, goes quickly downhill on actually using it. On filling one half, trying to get the other half to slide back on without emptying the contents all over your work surface is difficult. The leaves simply get caught. As for cleaning, well, because the two halves don't separate fully, wet tea leaves simply are trapped in it, necessitating a scooping out with a sharp pointed knife or a fork. I really haven't come across such a poor design of anything for a long time. Hadn't the heart to tell my friend who gave it to me, so it sits out in the kitchen as an ornament!

Posted by StephenM (20th November 2014)


Really difficult to clean. Its large holds cannot properly keep teal leaves inside, it just ruins your cuppa. Such a shame, it looks so pretty

Posted by Kleopatra (12th November 2014)

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