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Teapot Mesh Ball Infuser

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Both functional and attractive, a stainless steel mesh ball infuser with miniature teapot. Simply put a spoonful of your favourite loose tea inside, close the clasp and drop into your cup of hot water, and wait for the tea to infuse to your desired strength. 

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Handbag-sized, ornate and pretty.
A gorgeous addition to tea breaks and tea making.

Posted by Likealady (14th March 2015)


I have the red teapot version of this. An absolute delight to use especially if you're the kind of person who leaves the teabag in -- the chain will never drop into the mug!

Only problem is that the metal hinge fell off so quickly... Now to find a new hinge to join the two halves back together!

Posted by PJ (24th February 2015)


I bought this for myself, amongst the Christmas shopping. It works perfectly - no loss of tea leaves, and no sign of it not being well made - from my experience I would certainly recommend it - and it is really cute, too!

Posted by Voirrey (16th February 2015)


Very cute looking but I've been through two now in under six months. The first one had the chain fall off and the second one leaks tea leaves like nobodies business. Worth looking elsewhere.

Posted by Alyssia (4th February 2015)


I got the white one and I was really pleased with how adorable it looked. I put in rooibos tea leaves in the infuser but I find that a lot of strays tend to sneak out of it through the nooks given that they're really fine. I'm not very satisfied with that but I think I would avoid having any fine leaves with this infuser.

Posted by Deborah (3rd April 2014)

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