Hot Chocolate Gifts

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  1. Luxury Hot Chocolate Selection


    We’re known for our wonderful range of hot chocolates - have a browse, and you’re bound to find something for even the fussiest of choco-devotees. The tricky bit is when it comes to making a choice… We’ve made things easy with our new Luxury Hot Chocolate...
  2. Mini Marshmallows



    Mini pink, white and orange marshmallows, perfect and delicious for topping your mug of hot chocolate.


    With natural colours and flavours.


    Not suitable for vegetarians/vegans.


    This product cannot be shipped to Australia.

  3. Flavoured Hot Chocolate Selection


    Whether you’re searching for something to suit a choosy connoisseur or simply a consummate chocoholic, this rather extraordinary range of our most innovative hot chocolate recipes is guaranteed to hit the spot.   Adventurous palates love our Chilli Flavour Hot Chocolate,...