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Low Calorie - Summer Fruits Green Instant Tea

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Instant low calorie green tea drink with the natural flavour of summer fruits with extract of ginseng and green tea. The benefits of Ginseng are believed to be numerous, and this Chinese herb has been used in medicine for 7000 years. Ginseng can be used to help reduce the effects of stress, boost energy levels, enhance memory and stimulate the immune system. 


Raw Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Green Tea Extract (2.5%), Natural Flavourings, Thickener (Cellulose Gum), Ginseng Extract, Sweetener (Sucralose).

Store in a cool, dry place.

Nutritional Information
Nutritional Facts
*Serving Size
Per 100g
(as sold)
*Per 20g
(as sold)
Energy (KJ)
of which saturates
of which sugars
Brew a Perfect Cup

Mix two rounded teaspoons (approx 10g) per 200ml of hot or cold water, or according to taste. Stir well. Can be drunk hot or cold. Tub contains 25 servings. Dissolve in hot water for better results, when making them both hot and cold.

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Average customer rating based on 10 reviews

This tea is very refreshing and a great alternative to black tea and better for you only gripe is you cannot buy this instore any more and have to buy it online so need to order more to save paying postage I would recommend anyone to try this but as said in another comment you do not need 2 heaped teaspoons as this is very sweet adjust to suit your own taste buds

Posted by Marie (11th January 2015)


Tried this out today as looking for an alternative, you only need a small amount (not as recommended on tin) as it\'s very sweet, but as many before me, very very lovely, refreshing and moreish.I asked the shop assistant today why only half a tub - it\'s because it has splenda in it and splenda weighs less therefore, and I quote, \"you get the same amount but it weighs less due to the splenda\". Not sure about that one, might be better to simply have it in a smaller tub? Nonetheless, very lovely and may well be purchasing more :-)

Posted by faneca (23rd November 2013)


I love this green tea, I drink it every day so it is very annoying that it is so often out of stock, especially because there is no Whittards on the Isle of Wight where I live, so I have to order it on line!

Posted by Nikki Woodhouse (12th February 2013)


I love your green tea instants. So amazing tasting and addictive. Though i would prefer for there to be more in the pack - like someone said earlier the packaging is misleading - plese put more in so we get more for our money because it is so amazing!!!!

Posted by Lissy (15th November 2012)


I bought this and the other low calorie varieties just because they were low calorie which is unusual for instant tea. I wasn't disappointed with the flavours and the packaging is also lovely but very misleading as they were only half full. Would not buy again at full price but will look forward to when they are on special offer.

Posted by irene (18th June 2012)

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