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  1. Teas of the World


    Explore some of the world’s finest teas with Whittard’s outstanding global collection. A beautiful gift for any tea lover, it offers a great introduction to some new and exciting flavours. Enjoy the tastes of India with the strong and malty Assam and Spice Imperial,...
  2. Exclusive Coffee Selection


    You know how there’s nothing quite like your mother’s strawberry jam? Or the way your granny cooks Yorkshire puddings? We feel the same way about Walter Whittard’s characteristic coffee blends, customer favourites for well over a century now…   There’s...
  3. Time for Coffee


    What has four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening? For those not awake enough to guess, a cup of coffee might help?  Whatever the time of day, this new collection has the blend to match.   We love the combination of Colombian...
  4. Vanuatu 44 Single Origin Milk Chocolate


    When it comes to crafting chocolate for connoisseurs, it can be tough to track down the perfect beans for the bar. Our collection of single origin chocolate is seriously special – using the finest quality cocoa selected from specific plantations, each one has an extraordinarily...
  5. Hot Chocolate Mug & Spoon


    This hot chocolate mug comes with a spoon which conveniently slots into the handle of the mug. A beautiful keepsake which will make the perfect gift or self treat. 
  6. Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels


    Love salted caramel? So do we. In fact, we’re slavishly obsessed with the stuff. We’ve tested all the recipes (thrice over), and finally fell for these Belgian dark chocolate cups brimming with liquid salted caramel and crowned with a sprinkling of salt crystals. Quite...
  7. Flavoured Coffee Selection


    This selection box is an exciting introduction to the world of Whittard’s flavoured coffees. It makes a perfect gift, whether you are giving it to a seasoned flavoured coffee lover or someone who is trying these coffees for the first time.  Made with premium Arabica...
  8. Vanilla & Walnut Milk Chocolate Biscuits


    We’ve teamed up with renowned chocolatiers Artisan du Chocolat® to create an exclusive range of chocolate-dipped biscuits – they’re mouth-meltingly moreish, with a wholesome crunch. Combining a creamy sweetness with subtle nutty notes, these Vanilla &...
  9. Chocolate and Hazelnut Cantucci Biscuits


    The British love a good biscuit. But a really great cup of coffee calls for something a little more continental.   Make dunking delicate with these artisan Italian biscuits, hand-crafted in the village of Carmignano in the rolling Tuscan hills. A stone’s throw...
  10. Double Chocolate Shortbread Bites


    Bite-sized pieces of rich buttery shortbread are flavoured with chocolate and dotted with real milk chocolate pieces to create a mouth-watering treat for any time of day. 

    This product cannot be shipped to the United States of America and Australia.

  11. Strawberry Fleck White Chocolate


    A very British indulgence - creamy white chocolate blended with strawberries. Our white chocolate is made using whole milk and cocoa butter to create an intense flavour and smooth finish. By adding strawberries the result is a taste that is truly decadant.

    This product cannot be shipped to Australia

  12. Dominican 70% Dark Chocolate


    Rich and dark with notes of red fruit and a hint of molasses sweetness. Our dark chocolate is made using Hispaniola beans carefully selected for their flavour from the best growers in the Dominican Republic. The result is an intensely decadent taste and smooth finish.
  13. Large Coffee Caddy


    Our seal tight Whittard branded red caddy is perfect for storing your favourite loose coffee. Dimensions: Height 26cm Diameter 16cm at it's widest.
  14. Coffee Caddy


    Keep your coffee beans or ground coffee beautifully fresh in this stylish airtight caddy. Featuring the Whittard logo in gold lettering, it is a great addition to any kitchen.  Diameter: 9.5cm Height: 15cm Capacity: Holds up to 250g of coffee beans or ground coffee  
  15. Luxury Hot Chocolate


    Whittard’s Luxury Hot Chocolate is unashamedly rich and silky smooth. It is perfect as a decadent winter warmer when you come in from the cold or as an indulgent treat, curled up in front of the fire. Awarded a gold medal in the Great Taste Awards 2011, the judges loved...
  16. Luxury White Hot Chocolate


    Whittard’s Luxury White Hot Chocolate captures the exquisite sweetness of white chocolate to the full. It is a deliciously smooth and decadent drink with a melt-in-the-mouth intensity that leaves you wanting for more. Deliciously creamy and as soft as velvet, it’s not hard to...
  17. Rocky Road Flavour Hot Chocolate


    Whittard’s Rocky Road Flavour Hot Chocolate is pure temptation, combining exquisite chocolate with a hint of marshmallow, cherry and biscuit. There are many different recipes for rocky road biscuits and every country seems to have their own version. For this hot chocolate, Whittard...
  18. Crème Brûlée Flavour White Hot Chocolate


    A deliciously sweet and creamy White Hot Chocolate with the intense flavour of caramel that has been inspired by the popular French dessert crème brûlée. Whittard’s Crème Brûlée White Hot Chocolate is a must for any lover of white chocolate, offering an indulgent treat...
  19. Strawberry Flavour White Hot Chocolate


    Whittard’s Strawberry Flavour White Hot Chocolate is an amazing combination of silky sweet white hot chocolate and the flavour of summer-ripe strawberries. It is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and a great alternative to a cold summer dessert on chilly winter days..  
  20. Tiramisu Flavour Hot Chocolate


    Perfect for any pick me up moment, and oozing sophistication, Whittard’s Tiramisu Hot Chocolate blends luxury hot chocolate with the decadently sweet taste of one of Italy’s most popular desserts. Capturing all the flavours of cake dipped in coffee, layered with egg yolks,...