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  1. Teas of the World


    Explore some of the world’s finest teas with Whittard’s outstanding global collection. A beautiful gift for any tea lover, it offers a great introduction to some new and exciting flavours. Enjoy the tastes of India with the strong and malty Assam and Spice Imperial,...
  2. Coffees of the World


    A fantastic coffee experience.  Our 9 most popular ground coffees from around the world - includes: Monsoon Malabar, Santos and Java, Sumatra, Guatemalan Elephant, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Pico Duarte, Colombian, Costa Rican and Mocha Djimmah. Ground coffee, suitable for use...
  3. Luxury Hot Chocolate Selection Gift Box


    There’s luxury hot chocolate. Then there’s luxury hot chocolate to the power of 6. Do the maths – it all adds up to unbeatable hot chocolate bliss.   Alongside our signature Luxury Hot Chocolate and Luxury White Hot Chocolate, you’ll find flavours...
  4. Cosy Hot Chocolate Gift Set


    Ditch the duvet and cosy up with this delectable hot chocolate collection – all you need for the ultimate chocoholic’s night in. With our classic Luxury Hot Chocolate and snowy-soft Luxury White Hot Chocolate, a pack of our special mini marshmallows and a lovely tall...
  5. Instant Tea Selection Gift Set


    This Instant Tea Gift Selection is a brilliant introduction to six of the exciting flavours of Whittard’s delicious ready-in-seconds teas. The versatile teas can be enjoyed chilled over ice for a refreshing drink in summer or hot as a comforting winter warmer.   From...
  6. Hot Chocolate Stacking Tin


    It’s all about the powerof three… We’ve created a hot chocolate tricolour with our decadently dark 70% Cocoa Hot Chocolate, Luxury White Hot Chocolate, and classic Luxury Hot Chocolate tins: a three tiered tower to hot chocolate heaven.    Each...
  7. Festive Chai Teabags



    50 Teabags
    Origin: Blended
    Leaf type: Black Tea with Flavouring
    Taste: Fruit and spice
    When to drink: Throughout the day
  8. Large Coffee Caddy


    Our seal tight Whittard branded red caddy is perfect for storing your favourite loose coffee. Dimensions: Height 26cm Diameter 16cm at it's widest.
  9. Coffee Caddy


    Keep your coffee beans or ground coffee beautifully fresh in this stylish airtight caddy. Featuring the Whittard logo in gold lettering, it is a great addition to any kitchen.  Diameter: 9.5cm Height: 15cm Capacity: Holds up to 250g of coffee beans or ground coffee  
  10. Luxury Hot Chocolate


    Whittard’s Luxury Hot Chocolate is unashamedly rich and silky smooth. It is perfect as a decadent winter warmer when you come in from the cold or as an indulgent treat, curled up in front of the fire. Awarded a gold medal in the Great Taste Awards 2011, the judges loved...
  11. Luxury White Hot Chocolate


    Whittard’s Luxury White Hot Chocolate captures the exquisite sweetness of white chocolate to the full. It is a deliciously smooth and decadent drink with a melt-in-the-mouth intensity that leaves you wanting for more. Deliciously creamy and as soft as velvet, it’s not hard to...
  12. Rocky Road Flavour Hot Chocolate


    Whittard’s Rocky Road Flavour Hot Chocolate is pure temptation, combining exquisite chocolate with a hint of marshmallow, cherry and biscuit. There are many different recipes for rocky road biscuits and every country seems to have their own version. For this hot chocolate, Whittard...
  13. Crème Brûlée Flavour White Hot Chocolate


    A deliciously sweet and creamy White Hot Chocolate with the intense flavour of caramel that has been inspired by the popular French dessert crème brûlée. Whittard’s Crème Brûlée White Hot Chocolate is a must for any lover of white chocolate, offering an indulgent treat...
  14. Strawberry Flavour White Hot Chocolate


    Whittard’s Strawberry Flavour White Hot Chocolate is an amazing combination of silky sweet white hot chocolate and the flavour of summer-ripe strawberries. It is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and a great alternative to a cold summer dessert on chilly winter days..  
  15. Tiramisu Flavour Hot Chocolate


    Perfect for any pick me up moment, and oozing sophistication, Whittard’s Tiramisu Hot Chocolate blends luxury hot chocolate with the decadently sweet taste of one of Italy’s most popular desserts. Capturing all the flavours of cake dipped in coffee, layered with egg yolks,...
  16. Skinny Luxury Hot Chocolate


    Whittard’s Skinny Luxury Hot Chocolate offers the sinfully rich flavour of chocolate without the guilt. Specially developed to be made with water rather than milk, it still has the wonderfully rich creamy flavour of our regular hot chocolate but without the extra calories. It...
  17. Hazelnut Flavour White Hot Chocolate


    Whittard has created an exceptional taste experience, combining its irresistibly creamy Luxury White Chocolate with the flavour of freshly-roasted hazelnuts.  Bursting with sophisticated white hazelnut chocolate sweetness, it is a tantalisingly nutty and decadent drink that...
  18. Dreamtime Hot Chocolate


    Whittard’s Dreamtime Hot Chocolate is a luxurious blend of creamy hot chocolate and malt extract with the added flavours of camomile and honey. Made with warm milk, it offers a deliciously soothing bedtime drink.
  19. Amaretto Flavour Hot Chocolate


    Whittard’s Amaretto Flavour Hot chocolate is bursting with the apricot and almond tastes of Italy’s most famous liqueur. Rich, creamy and sophisticated, it brings to mind the crispiest Italian macaroons, dipped in melted chocolate. Beautifully warming with an exquisite...
  20. 70% Cocoa Hot Chocolate


    The intense dark chocolate flavour of our 70% Cocoa Hot Chocolate makes it a must for chocolate connoisseurs. Like champagne and roses, it is the perfect choice for romance, its taste winning over heart and mind. Incredibly rich and dark with an irresistibly creamy flavour, our 70%...