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Smooth Vanilla Flavour Instant Coffee

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This recipe works exceptionally well. One of those lovely dry vanilla tastes that has hints of toffee caramel. Rich, smooth vanilla is always a classic favourite.

Makes approximately 42 cups of coffee


Freeze dried coffee from pure Arabica beans, nature identical flavouring.

Brew a Perfect Cup

Add one teaspoon of this instant coffee per cup or mug. Always add water just 'off the boil' to keep in the flavour. Add milk and sugar to your taste.

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Average customer rating based on 10 reviews

I love this coffee it is the only thing to get me going in the morning! Shame it is out of stock a lot of the time, I normally buy 10 jars when it comes back so I can be assured not to run out! I'm down to my last 2 jars and yet again its out of stock, awaiting the email to inform me its back, hurry up!

Posted by Claire Adams (9th February 2015)


I love Whittard and I love coffee but unfortunately this was not for me. I couldn't help but feel like it tasted burnt and nasty. I am usually able to finish any drink, nasty or not but sadly had to pour this away.

Posted by Amy (29th January 2015)


I've been having this every morning for "many years", much prefer to buy it 'over the counter' at a real shop in Central London than online, its just a shame that the three for two offers are no longer available.


Posted by Simon (6th March 2014)


I have the ground version of this but no way to filter so took my chances with the instant version, which I'm usually not a fan of.

However this was wonderful, tasted very similar to the ground; great purchase!

Posted by Hayley (17th August 2013)


This is my favourite (instant)coffee ever. I can't start the day without it!

Posted by Rumina Hassan-Ali (12th November 2012)

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