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Tiramisu Flavour Hot Chocolate

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Perfect for any pick me up moment, and oozing sophistication, Whittard’s Tiramisu Hot Chocolate blends luxury hot chocolate with the decadently sweet taste of one of Italy’s most popular desserts.

Capturing all the flavours of cake dipped in coffee, layered with egg yolks, mascarpone and amaretto, this flavoursome hot chocolate is a deliciously self-indulgent drink for any time of day.


Sugar, Cocoa (35%), Brazillian Coffee (9%), Dextrose, flavouring, Salt. Does not contain Alcohol. 

Suitable for Vegetarians,Vegans, Coeliacs & those with Lactose intolerance. 


Brew a Perfect Cup

Spoon 3 heaped teaspoons (20g) into a mug or cup, maybe a couple more if you are feeling decadent. Gently heat approximately 200ml of milk and pour onto the chocolate stirring thoroughly. For a moment of true indulgence, top with whipped cream, marshmallows and a generous sprinkle of hot chocolate powder.

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Average customer rating based on 14 reviews

I love it however it does not quite taste like tiramisu nor almonds, for that matter.

Posted by Anna (4th March 2014)


Not sure why people think this is too bitter when it tastes like a tiramisu! The coffee and amaretto is definitely strong, and you may need to use less powder as you would with perhaps the Luxury. The chocolate takes a backseat in this, but it is a lovely tiramisu drink, almost like a mocha.

Posted by PJ (11th July 2013)


This flavour sounded delicious, but actually the drink tastes nothing like Tiramisu. The taste is more like an unsweetened, natural "proper" cocoa.

Posted by shoegal (30th May 2013)


I adore tiramisu and had to buy one of these tubs of tiramisu hot chocolates to try! It was ok, but not the taste of tiramisu I was expecting, more of a strong coffee with a almond taste, but still nice, but too sweet for me. I love the mint one and the white chocolate and also the 70% cocoa one! I have just spotted the rhubarb one so may try that next :P

Posted by Emma Wootton (22nd January 2013)


If you like Marzipan, you might like this. If you love Tiramisu, you will hate it. It has a very strong taste of almonds whereas I was expecting coffee. For me, it tastes vile and have stored it where it belongs: in the wheelie bin.

Posted by Jo (13th December 2012)

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Tiramisu Flavour Hot Chocolate
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