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Smooth Vanilla Flavour Ground Coffee

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Origin: Blended
Body: Medium-bodied
Roast: Light Roast (1)
Summary of taste: Sweet vanilla
Whittard recommends: Using with any type of coffee maker
When to drink: Throughout the day
Indulge in the luxuriously sweet taste of vanilla with this decadent flavoured coffee. 
Whittard’s Smooth Vanilla Flavour Coffee brings to mind the aroma and taste of freshly opened vanilla pods. Capturing the very essence of this exotic taste, this coffee offers the perfect guilt-free treat for any time of day.  
For its flavoured coffee Whittard has used the finest Arabica coffee beans and ground them to suit all brewing methods.  


Premium Ground Arabica Coffee, flavouring

Brew a Perfect Cup

For the perfect cup of Smooth Vanilla flavour Coffee, always use fresh water, off the boil so you don't scald the coffee. Whittard’s flavoured coffee is great for using with any type of coffee maker - follow the manufacturer's equipment instructions. Do not re-heat brewed coffee. 

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Average customer rating based on 2 reviews

We use the vanilla, to give our ground coffee, a hint of extra, it really does improve the flavour. (we use one coffee measure spoonfull). I hope this is usefull.

Posted by Lionel Clarke (10th December 2014)


I love this. When you used to have your flavoured coffee on offer I always bought 3 Vanilla. Then you stopped the offer and I then tried to make my own with vanilla essence. Couldn't do it. So now I bite the bullet and whenever we come across one of your shops around England I stock up and ration myself in case I run out. As we live on our narrowboat we are not always close to any of your shops. I had hoped that you would have it in your sale- but you haven't.... Maybe next year?

Posted by JENN THORNELL (23rd August 2014)

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