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Spiced Chai

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An exotic blend of tea, milk and spices.  Place 3-4 teaspoons (20g) in a cup or mug, add 200ml of hot or cold milk and stir well.  For an ice cold chai, blend with a combination of milk and crushed ice.


Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder, Dextrose, Ground Spices (4%)(Cinnamon, Ginger), Black Tea Extract (2.5%), Thickener: Carboxymethyl Cellulose, flavouring. CONTAINS MILK . 

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A lovely warming drink for a cold winters evening.

Posted by Joanne Wilkinson (25th January 2015)


I love this drink! It is a sweet drink and ifs perfect for those of us who want soothing drinks to curl up with on the sofa... I disagree with some comments that it is too sweet, if you don't want sweet than just buy normal tea! This drink if perfect!

Posted by sam casy (24th January 2015)


As one who is very fond of a warm sweet drink I think this is amazing. Bought it on a whim to try something new and it is something I will keep buying. Nice made with warm milk for a warm nice smelling and tasting drink after a long day!!
3tsp does me just fine and makes it last longer!

Posted by Ashley (16th November 2014)


Not a fan of tea but decided to try it when I saw it was on offer in my local store. I too found it far too sweet, especially when drinking it last thing at night. I decided to try it made with boiling water and feel it is much better that way. It also saves a lot on the calorie intake!

Posted by Jo Rammell (30th October 2014)


Agree you should make up with hot water and it could be a tad less sweet. I don't mind the few grains at the end - it's a real product and before teabags we didn't mind tea leaves, remember! I love the "kick" of the spice (ginger?) that the other main supplier found at Sainsburys and Waitrose doesn't have.

Posted by Susan Loder (16th July 2014)

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