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Japanese Tetsubin Hira Cast Iron Green Teapot

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Japanese Tetsubin teapots have a centuries old tradition. Every teapot is hand cast and hand finished. The interior is lined with porcelain enamel and each teapot has a stainless steel tea infuser. The teapots allow heat to be evenly distributed through the pot to better extract the flavour of the tea.

Capacity: 0.5L

Before using the pot for the first time you must rinse the pot and infuser in boiling water, never use detergents to clean or place in the dishwasher. After use rinse and wipe the inside with a soft sponge and dry with a soft cloth whilst it is still warm – never leave any water in the teapot and dry thoroughly after each use. This cleaning method will allow the coating to remain intact and help protect the iron in the teapot walls from oxidizing. 

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This teapot is gorgeous. Well balanced to use, beautiful and makes green tea a real event. It's a bit of a mission to care for, but all part of the ceremony and worth it for such a lovely object.

Posted by Ali (26th November 2014)

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