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Red Cold Brew T Bottle

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A new way to enjoy tea made with cold water. Cold brewed tea is brewed slowly over time to extract the flavours, producing a deliciously mild and rich taste with no hint of bitterness. Beautifully refreshing on hot days, it is a must for any tea lover.

The tea filter is so easy to use. Simply spoon 5-7 teaspoons (15g) of your chosen tea leaves into the glass bottle, fill up with cold water, put in the silicone filter stopper and refrigerate for 3-6 hours. 
Sleek and stylish, The Filter-in Bottle looks great at the table. Pour the cold brewed tea into glasses to savour like wine with a meal.  
Diameter: 8.7cm
Height: 30cm
Capacity: 750ml
Dishwasher safe.

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Average customer rating based on 3 reviews

Works beautifully with the fruit infusions for a delicious cold and caffeine free alternative to fizzy drinks.

Posted by Sarah Taylor (2nd March 2015)


One of my best buys ever. I really enjoy the cold brew tea, especially with a flavored green tea. I'm drinking at least a bottle a day. Will buy a second one in the near future.

Posted by NORBERT VAN DORPE (19th September 2014)


I had one as an Xmas gift from USA, and have been using almost daily ever since. Particularly fine with good darjeeling and ceylon teas. I have by experimentation settled on 12-13 gms of tea using filtered water and brew for 24 hours, decant and start the next brew immediately. Brilliant product, and will now be buying a spare!.

Posted by Andrew Haslehurst (22nd July 2014)

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