Tea Gifts

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  1. Alice's Afternoon Tea Pouch and Infuser


    If only the Mad Hatter had tried our rather curious Afternoon Tea, a delicious blend of black and green tea beautifully balanced with flavours of bergamot - we've even added a scattering of rose and cornflower petals for a final flourish.   There's method in our...
  2. Alice's Tea Chest


    Whenever Alice comes to tea she’s sure to bring her special box of favourite blends. We’ve created a neat little set of three black teas to take down the rabbit hole: beautiful Bohemian Raspberry with little pink petals, creamy Vanilla Tea for scones and crumpets, and...
  3. Medium Gift Bag


    Medium sized Whittard branded gift bag.   Height: 41cm Width: 32cm Diameter: 13cm