Green Tea

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  1. 4 Fine Teas With Gold Infuser Gift Set


    This beautiful gift set is a great introduction to Whittard teas, offering a variety of tastes that are perfect for enjoying at different times throughout the day. Whittard’s English Breakfast makes breakfast all it’s meant to be. Its winning combination of fine black...
  2. Green Tea Taster Set


    Beautifully gift boxed, this taster set offers a wonderful introduction to some of Whittard’s finest green teas. Beautifully refreshing, green teas have a verdant and alive flavour that tastes just like spring. The tin contains 32 large leaf tea bags made from sheer bio-degradable...
  3. Gunpowder Tea Caddy


    • Origin: China
    • Leaf Type: Sweet and slightly smoky
    • Taste: Zesty with Exotic Aromas
    • When to drink: Afternoon
  4. Jasmine Tea Caddy


    • Origin: Fujian Province, China
    • Leaf Type: Green Tea infused with Jasmine Flowers
    • Taste: Sweet jasmine
    • When to drink: Throughout the day