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Autumn Warmers: Tea Recipes with a Twist

It’s starting to get a little chilly out there, and you might need something with a little more sustenance than your typical tea and biscuits.

We’ll make up in recipes what the trees lack in leaves – there’s poached pears in pumpkins and a pretty awesome autumn cocktail…


Banana Bread with Herbal Chai

Banana bread. So simple, so good. But dare we say it, sometimes a little boring? Give it a bit of chai time with our tea-infused recipe. Simply replace the milk with a strongly steeped tea – choose Spice Imperial or Chilli Chai for full-on flavour, Herbal Chai for a mellow aniseed sweetness.



100g plain flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
100g sugar (muscovado if using a black tea chai, white sugar if Herbal Chai)
60g light cream cheese
2 eggs
3 mashed bananas
1/4 cup brewed chai tea


Mix together flour, baking powder, salt and beaten eggs.
Whip the cream cheese, chai and bananas together separately, then fold into the flour and eggs.
Grease and line a 9x5 loaf tin, and pour in the mixture.
Bake at 175 °C for 60 minutes. Remove from the tin after 10 minutes and cool on a rack.


Present the loaf on a wooden chopping board and scattered with autumn leaves and berries. We like to prettify the table with mini gourds and pumpkins, giant red maple leaves and an orange Stump Teapot for good measure…


Spice Imperial

Need something a little stronger to keep out the cold? Check out our version of a classic ‘Old Fashioned’, with warming Bourbon, gingerbread syrup and our signature Spice Imperial black tea. So much better than a hot toddy.


40ml Bourbon
15ml gingerbread syrup
1 mug of brewed Spice Imperial tea


Add the Bourbon and syrup to your glass of choice and mix well.
If you'd like your cocktail cold, leave the Spice Imperial tea to chill in the fridge before pouring over the alcohol and syrup. If you'd prefer a warming hot toddy, stir straight into the Bourbon and syrup after brewing and enjoy hot.
Serve with a slice of orange or lemon.


Serve in a glass with a twist of demerara sugar around the top – mix the sugar with a pinch of ginger


Pears poached in Mulled Wine Infusion

This fat-free pudding is deliciously warming. We love it with our Mulled Wine infusion but it’s also worth trying with our Baked Apple or Toffee Apple infusion, served with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a spoonful of cream.


A teapot of our Mulled Wine, Toffee Apple or Baked Apple infusion
3 pears, peeled with the stalk intact
1 tablespoon sugar


Brew up a pot of your chosen infusion, steeping for 10 minutes to achieve the strongest taste.
Strain to remove the leaves, pour into a saucepan and simmer. Add the pears before the brew reaches boiling point.
Allow the pears to cook for 20-30 minutes on a low heat. Place a lid on the saucepan to conserve the steam, and brew another pot if the liquid isn’t enough to cover the pears.
Remove the pears from the pan once tender, and create a syrup with the remaining liquid by adding a tablespoon of sugar and boiling until reduced by half.


Try serving in bowls carved from mini pumpkins! Top the pears with thin slices of orange if poached in our Mulled Wine infusion, mini caramel chunks if using our apple infusions.

Are you an autumn enthusiast? Show us your warming recipes on our Facebook page – extra brownie points if they involve tea!

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