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Cheer up after Christmas

12 winter drinks to sing about

The last present has been unwrapped, the final cracker has been pulled, the mistletoe has witnessed too much. After all the rush of the run up to Christmas, the twelve days between 25th December and 6th January can feel like a bit of a let-down. Nothing a cup of tea can’t solve… 

The Twelve Teas Of Christmas

Day 1. On the first day of Christmas…

Technically the first day of Christmas is Boxing Day, the day when servants and tradesmen would receive boxes of gifts from their masters. A day late, but still… It’s also the day of the legendary partridge in a pear tree, a rather odd gift by any standards. We’d much prefer a good cup of English Breakfast.

Day 2. Doves in love

Turtle Doves love Tippy Assam, a lovely large leaf tea with plenty of young buds. The tea brews to a lovely golden colour with a sweet and malty taste, perfect for serving for a romantic breakfast. Think fresh, flaky croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Day 3. French Hens adore…

Jasmine tea. It’s a fact. Our signature tea is made by scenting leaves of Chinese green tea with blossoms of summer jasmine, allowing the buds to release their essential oils overnight. It’s the ideal tea for serving after heavy Christmas food, refreshing the palate and easing digestion.

Day 4. Call on tea

The birds flocked in on the fourth day of Christmas. Four Calling birds, to be precise. Hot winter drinks don’t get better than a cup of calming rooibos – essential when the house is packed to the rooftops with friends, feathers or family.

Day 5. A ring for the king

The ‘King Cake’ is traditionally served in Europe at Epiphany: a sweet, brioche-like cake filled with candied fruit, topped with icing and containing a hidden gold ring. Whoever finds the ring is king for the day – and five gold rings mean five lucky kings. They won’t go for anything less than our Regal Blend…

Day 6. Geese love tea

More birds. This time it’s six geese-a-laying: goose eggs make a pretty majestic sponge cake, and the yolks are delicious for making passionfruit curd. Create a triple layer passionfruit cake and serve with a pot of our Mango & Bergamot green tea.

Day 7. Swanning around

On the first day of the year, seven swans-a swimming appear. These regal swans love our Spice Imperial – based on a traditional Indian masala chai, this spiced winter tea is blended from black tea, cloves, citrus and vanilla, with a swansong of sweet spice.

Day 8. Dairy Days

Eight maids-a-milking, each with their own cow… Blushing beauties love English Rose, our blend of fine black tea with a hint of rose and a scattering of pink petals. Lovely after a day churning butter at the dairy, ready for toast and tea.

Day 9. Dance off

And then come the ladies dancing. The fresh peppermint leaves in our Marrakech Mint are perfect for cleansing the palate after canapés, and green tea leaves are a good source of antioxidants. An essential part of the after-party recovery kit.

Day 10. Leaping Lords

Where there are ladies, there are lords. These lords are leaping, and to calm them down we’d suggest a stiff serving of Earl Grey. Add a plate of scones, sandwiches and mince pies, and you’ve got yourself a Christmas High Tea. Brandy butter, please.

Day 11. Ceci n'est pas une pipe

Ah, the sound of the kettle singing. It’s music to our ears. Less appealing is the sound of nine pipers piping. We can forgive them if they bring us a supply of Very Berry Crush, a harmonious summer symphony of bright red berries and tangy hibiscus.

Day 12Beat the drum

And finally the twelve drummers drumming bid farewell to Christmas. Create a bang with our smoky Gunpowder Green, the ideal hot drink to kickstart that New Year detox. Who cares if you’ve already broken the chocolate ban…

All these teas feature in our 12 Teas of Christmas pop-up box, containing special winter teabags selected from our signature range. Did you receive a box for Christmas? Tell us what you think!

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