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Christmas Stress? Stop for Tea

As well as being a time of celebration and enjoyment, Christmas can be a testing time with worries about over-spending, cooking the perfect Christmas lunch and family frictions coming to a head.

A quick break with a cup of tea can work wonders, with research*  showing that drinking tea can help you recover more quickly from stress. The evidence showed that black tea has an effect on stress hormone levels in the body, so well worth stopping for a quick cup when threatened to be overwhelmed by Christmas shopping crowds or kitchen disasters. 

green tea

If black tea isn't your cup of tea, here are a few alternatives renowned for their soothing and calming benefits:

Camomile - is deemed to be a 'nervous system tronic'. A cup of camomile can help you sleep and also reduce anxiety. 

Studies have shown that green tea offsets 'hyperactivity' experienced during anxiety and promotes overall relaxation. It can also provide mental clarity -  particularly useful when you have a hundred and one things to remember.

Lavender is known for its abilities to reduce nervous exhaustion, headaches caused by stress, and anxiety. It also aids digestion problems.

 If  you find stress can result in stomach upsets, mint is known for it's ability to sooth the digestive track and reduce the severity of stomach aches.

Hopefully your Christmas will be stress-free, and the only reason you'll be reaching for tea is because you fancy a cup!

*University College London 2006

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