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The Great British Pair Off

Wash up that cereal bowl and put your apron on: it’s food pairing time. We’re a little obsessed with Bake Off at the moment, so we’ve gone for a bit of a baking theme with our pairings—just watch out for those soggy bottoms…

Kenya Rugi

With its zingy lemon freshness and hints of vanilla, our limited edition Kenya Rugi is a perfect place to start with food pairings. It’s the lightest of our roasting levels, and like many light roasts it has a fruity flavour that makes it beautiful paired with lighter desserts.

Beans grown in the Nyeri region of Kenya are known for their rich, almost wine-like characters, and this coffee is no exception. It’s also got distinctive vanilla notes, making it particularly light and creamy. Our recommendation? Try it with fruity pastries and light desserts—we experimented with several combinations and found that it works beautifully alongside a lemon tart. Yum yum.

Ethiopia Sidamo Mocconissa

We love pairing food with coffee—and not just because we get to taste so much food. When we first tasted Ethiopia Sidamo Mocconissa we were blown away by its distinctive blueberry and chocolate flavours, and we couldn’t wait to do a bit of food-and-coffee matchmaking.

With its powerful flavour of berries, we knew that this coffee would pair well with a rich, fruity dessert. We tried several pairings, but nothing seemed quite right—until one of our merchandising team stumbled upon a match made in heaven. Ethiopia Sidamo Mocconissa with Black Forest gâteau. Mind. Blown.

If you’re really feeling the Bake Off vibe, try this recipe by Mary Berry for the classic German cake. And if you really want to impress, try and say its German name: Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. It’s got a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Cabo Verde Washed Process

Although our limited edition Cabo Verde coffee is the same roasting level as Ethiopia Sidamo Mocconissa, it couldn’t be more different in terms of flavour. With its creamy nectarine sweetness and slightly nutty aroma, it’s brilliantly suited to smooth dairy desserts, almonds, or milk chocolate.

Our personal favourite? A fresh, hot cup of Cabo Verde Washed Process served with a cool ramekin of crème brûlée. Try sprinkling a few almonds over the top for added flavour—and if you need a little inspiration, watch Episode 4 of last year’s Bake Off for some wacky twists on this classic.

El Salvador Cerro de Ataco

El Salvador Cerro de Ataco is a medium-dark roast, which means it pairs especially well with rich, flavoursome foods. Salvadoran coffees often have a slightly spicy flavour, and we’d recommend pairing this one with a spicy rice or fish dish if you’re going savoury. However, we’re keeping with our Bake Off theme and getting truly indulgent for this one, playing on this coffee’s caramel and chocolatey notes. Yep, you guessed it: millionaire’s shortbread.

Fancy a serious challenge? Have a go at recreating Nadiya’s semi-final winner from last year’s Bake Off: her peanut salted caramel and chocolate tart was a massive hit with the judges, and makes a pretty stunning accompaniment to our darkest limited edition coffee.

Pairing is Caring

Food pairing is all about matching (or contrasting) the flavours of your coffee with the foods you love. If in doubt, use our tasting notes online or on your pack of coffee—as a rule, lighter roasts suit lighter foods, while darker roasts suit heavier, richer foods.

Found a food pairing that really works for you? Comment below and we’ll try it out! We’d also love to know your favourite candidate for this year’s Bake Off—we’re rooting for Selasi.



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