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Coffee with Frank Sinatra

Our store managers and staff are very knowledgeable and passionate about tea and coffee, so here's the first of a series of Q & A's, to find out about their favourite products, dream coffee companions and more... First up is Andy Williams, Manager at our Bridgend store.


What is your favourite Whittard tea or coffee and why?

My favourite coffee is Whittard Breakfast. It's a blend of our Colombian with Mocha. I've tasted all of our coffees over the years and have found my home with Whittard Breakfast, a smooth yet spicy morning pick me up, which I tend to drink all day!

As for tea, i'm a strong traditional tea fan so it's our 1886 blend for me. I drink it as loose leaf in my Chatsford teapot, brewing for three minutes to get the strength and taste I love.

What best sums up Britishness to you?

A nation coming together to celebrate success, diversity and national pride - and what a year it's been for that with Her Majesty's Golden Jubillee and the success of Team GB in the Olympics. Its been a fantastic year to be British!

Everyone likes to make their favourite drink in their own particular way. Share a tea or coffee tip with us:

I store my coffee beans in the freezer and only grind what I need for each serving - this keeps your coffee beans fresher for longer by freezing the natural oils within the bean. You can grind your beans straight from frozen as it's only the oil that is frozen.

If you could click your fingers and be sharing a tea or coffee with anyone, anywhere in the world where would you go and who would your companion be?

I would love to be sharing a coffee with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy davis Jnr and the rest of the Rat Pack at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas in the 50's and 60's. The coolest and most exciting time to have been in Vegas and with extraordinarily talented people.

What's the best compliment a customer has paid you or a Whittard product?

A customer commented that our Whittard decaffeinated coffee changed her life! She'd been told to cut out caffeine from her diet and was very upset because she loved her cup of San Augustin Colombian throughout the course of the day. We hadn't seen her for a few weeks but whilst offering tastings on the Mall we started talking and she told me why she hadn't been in to see us for a while. I gave her a sample of our decaffeinated Colombian coffee to try at home and she's now a regular customer once again. Our decaff tastes as great as our caffeinated coffees and I was overjoyed to have been able to help our customer.

Which Whittard product are you most like and why?

I'm like one of our Script stoneware pasta bowls - strong, tough, durable and built to last!

Thank you Andy! 



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