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Coffee Goes Cold

Join the cold brew revolution with our indispensable guide. In the heat of summer sometimes a steaming hot coffee just doesn’t have the same appeal as something fresh and icy. First, came frappés – great, but more about the sugar and cream than getting the best out of your beans. Then cold brew coffee arrived on the scene… Leave an espresso in the fridge overnight, and it’s just not that tasty. Allow the grinds to slowly infuse in cold water and you’ve got something rather different. The gradual extraction of the coffee over the course of several hours (give it a good night’s beauty sleep) creates a superbly smooth, clean-tasting coffee with none of the slight bitterness you might get from a typical hot brew. That’s why cold brewing is so well suited to light roast – you’ll really be able to taste the natural flavours of the original green bean, highlighting flavours of citrus, stone-fruits and toasted nut.

Cold brew coffee really packs a punch – it’s particularly high in caffeine, thanks to the longer time that the grinds are in contact with the water. If you fancy something a bit more mellow, why not try an iced coffee? Just fill a glass with equal parts ice, milk and your favourite brew, and voilà: an ice-cold sip of heaven.
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