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Cold Brew Taste-Pairings: this calls for a picnic!

You know the way a fine wine can bring out the best in certain foods? The same is true of cold brew tea. The exceptional delicacy of flavour developed by the process of cold infusion reveals a tea’s true beauty: oolongs suddenly become extra creamy, green teas are sweet and smooth. We’d compare it to playing music through crystal-clear speakers…

Cold brewing simply couldn’t be simpler: just add your loose leaf tea to the Cold Brew Bottle, cover with boiling water for 30 seconds, top up with cold filtered water and pop it in the fridge to infuse. So, what else have you got in the fridge? Here are just a few of the Cold Brew taste combos you might like to try….

Dark Oolongs

The nutty, roasted taste of dark oolongs like Imperial Formosa or Big Red Robe is delicious with dark chocolate (ideally 77% and above) or a handful of toasted nuts such as walnuts and hazelnuts. We’re also rather keen on teaming it with dark chocolate digestive biscuits…

Image: Flickr/CycloneBill

Jasmine Green Tea

Whole jasmine flowers curled together with the the youngest silver tips of green tea leaves make this an exceptionally delicate tea, perfect for cooling the palate after strong eastern flavours such as wasabi or ginger. We’re thinking stir fry and Jasmine Dragon Pearls…

Image: Flickr/Jules

White Tea

White tea experiences the least processing of all tea types: the leaves are simply allowed to dry rather than being rolled, steamed or fired. As a result the white tea has a superbly sweet and mellow taste, beautifully highlighted by the Cold Brew. A slice of juicy honeydew or cantaloupe melon echoes the tea’s dewy sweetness.

Light Oolongs

High grown oolongs such as Formosa Jade and barely roasted varieties like our caramel Milk Oolong have a buttery mouthfeel and a delicate floral fragrance. They’re ideal for pairing with all things creamy and sweet: Madagascan vanilla ice cream and white chocolate cheesecake for starters…

Image: Flickr/JimKillock

Mango & Bergamot

Our colour-pop Mango & Bergamot looks lovely in the Cold Brew Bottle, and cold infusion creates a cascade of delicious fruit and floral flavours. It’s a bit of a taste rainbow, so keep with a simple colour palette: we’d suggest a crunchy green apple. The acidity of the fruit balances the tea’s perfumed sweetness…

Are you into your tea gourmandise? We’d love to hear your cold brew taste pairings so share your tips on Facebook and Twitter!

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