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Definitely Darjeeling

Continuing our series of Q&As with our store managers, read on to find out more about Julie who manages our Spalding store and is a  very enthusiastic advocate of Darjeeling tea and Monsoon Malabar coffee

Julie manager of Spalding store

What is your favourite Whittard tea or coffee and why?

This is an easy one –

Tea..definitely DARJEELING. It is the Champagne of all teas. It has to be loose rather than in a teabag as it is a light tea with a large leaf. It is refreshing,  clean and has no heavy tannin aftertaste. No Builder's Tea for me!

Coffee…once again, no debate…MONSOON MALABAR. In complete contrast to my taste in tea, my favourite coffee is a strong, full flavoured aged coffee.

I was first drawn to this coffee because of the story behind the ageing process and during my first week of training at Whittard of Chelsea 8 years ago, it was one of the first coffees that I attempted to make in an electric espresso machine. I probably made a very bad job of it, but I was nevertheless hooked on the coffee.

What sums up Britishness to you?

Oh my gosh, I was trying to think of just one or two words but the list got longer and longer:

A uniquely national obsession with the weather!! And then of course (in no particular order):

It’s History, The Monarchy, Patriotism, Quirky traditions.  Britishness is a generous nation that embraces diversity. It is also about being creative and we do have an unparallelled (often self-deprecating) sense of humour….which I love.

Everyone likes to make their favourite drink in their own particular way. Share a tea or coffee tip

I like to keep things simple with no frills.  I think the following ways with my favourite tea and coffee bring out the best in them.

Tea..Darjeeling of course. Loose leaf tea, brewed in a Chatsford Teapot, milk in the mug first, no sugar.

Coffee…Monsoon Malabar. Buy a good Electric Espresso Coffee Maker – it absolutely squeezes out every ounce of flavour.

If you could click you fingers and be sharing tea or coffee with anyone, anywhere in the world where would you go and who would your companion be?

There are so many places in the world I could choose from but, at the moment it would be -  Scotland, near Ben Lawers, overlooking Loch Tay (on a very sunny warm day!!) with my partner. (although in truth, I have to confess it would be early evening, looking up at a beautiful calm blue sky, so we would have to swap the tea or coffee for a glass of wine)

What is the best compliment a customer has paid you or a Whittard product?

 The best compliment from a Customer? We do have absolutely lovely customers at Spalding that compliment both the service/atmosphere/visuals in our store as well as individual team members on a regular basis. So, even if the compliment is not always direct, overhearing customers come in and comment: ‘I love this shop it’s my favourite’ always makes me as a Manager very proud. The biggest and best compliment is their loyalty…and we have many longstanding regular customers who are almost like friends. Thankfully this list is growing as we welcome new customers all the time.

Which Whittard Product are you most like and why?

Very tricky…I guess my first answer would be none really, but I will go for one of my favourite ceramic ranges dating back to when I first joined Whittard. We had a ‘Gardening’ range by Beth. It was a bit quirky, uncomplicated, cheery and, both wording and drawings were quite childlike....not that I am necessarily all of these things at all times..(although my lovely Dad used to say that I was always cheery), but I spend most of my spare time developing my garden and growing veg and this range just sums a big part of my home life. To illustrate, the wording on my favourite mug and bowl from this range are:

Mug..’Talk nicely to your tomatoes…’Please grow Bigger’!.

And I especially love the bowl…...’To make me grow I need love, water and sunshine’

Thank you Julie!

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