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Desert Island Teas with Pippa of Kendal

Pippa, the manager of our Kendal store, gets into the island spirit and tells us what she would choose to take with her when cast away ... mind you, not so sure she'll find the power supply that she'll need for her luxury item! 

Pippa Kendal

1. Two teas

If I were to spend the rest of my life alone on a desert island the two teas I would choose to pack a lifetime supply of are firstly, Irish Breakfast teabags - I can't live without a cup or two of this throughout the day as it is, so this will be my number one item. The super strong Assam blend will keep me super alert incase i meet any scary creatures! The second tea I would choose is Organic Peppermint,  again, a favourite of mine this will also help my digestion when I'm discovering exotic new foods!

2. One pack of biscuits

Out of pure greed if I had to choose a packet of biscuits to take with me, my choice would be a pack of our luxury short bread fingers. All of our shortbread is to die for and i know that this box contains the most!!    

3. One book 

Oooooh, one book? Now you are really asking!! It would have to Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. It's a true story of  an escaped convict from Australia who heads to India to start a new life, whilst there he falls in love with Mumbai and meets many amazing people. I read this book when I was studying at  a Film School in India and in the book he visited many of the places I was visiting at the time. His descriptions of India, the people, the smells, THE TEA and the culture in general conjure up the amazing feelings I experienced whilst I was there. When I need to escape the world this is the book that I curl up with and I can definitely see myself doing this on golden sands, with waves crashing on the shore in the distance!

4. One song

  Mr Blue Sky - because it makes me feel good and I can dance like no one is watching me...

5.One luxury item

My kindle fire HD!!! This way I can have as many books as I want, music, films and can scan for WIfi networks! ha ha!

6. Which desert island would you prefer to be cast away on?

I would love to be left on any island where the water is clear, the sand is golden and the sun is beaming! It would also help if there were no wild tigers, snakes, spiders or any other scary creatures!!!

Thank you Pippa!


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