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Feeling Chocola-tea

As things hot up for Chocolate Week (12-18 October), we’re looking outside the box. Sure, hot chocolate’s great. But when it comes to originality, nothing beats a chocolate tea. We’ve got three in our new collection (White Chocolate Tea, Choco-Rooibos and Coconut Truffle), and there’s plenty more invention to come…

We went round the office asking everyone for their favourite chocolate combination. Some suggestions were sensible (nice cup of Choco-Rooibos) some of were surprising (Chicken with Mexican chocolate sauce), and some were… slightly unpalatable (chocolate-dipped crinkle crisps). What works for you? Show us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Matcha Kit Kats (Sheila, from our Web Team)

Matcha KitKats have been one of my top finds whilst holidaying in Japan -  the contrast between the slightly savoury bitter green tea and sweet white chocolate is surprisingly delicious. Or, as the Japanese would say ‘oishii’! 

Flickr: Ron Frazier

Chocolate-dipped salt and vinegar crinkle crisps (Chris, Marketing)

I know this sounds really wrong, but it’s an amazing pairing! I choose thick crinkle crisps with cider vinegar for extra tang, and melted milk chocolate actually works better than dark.

Cherry Bakewell White Hot Chocolate (Emily, Marketing)

I planned the Concoct your own Hot Chocolate competition on social media, so I was the first to see all the entries when they came in. I loved the idea of peanut butter hot chocolate, but Jess Salter’s Cherry Bakewell inspired white hot chocolate was a clear winner. Can’t wait to see it on the shelves next year!

Chilli con carne with dark chocolate (Matilda, Copywriter)

Ever since my student days I’ve been on a quest to create the perfect chilli con carne. I’ve tried it with anchovies (tad too salty), mixed spice (too sweet) and marmite (no comment). A square or two of 80% dark chocolate added at the end really brings out the rich savoury flavours.

Coconut Truffle (Sarah, Design)

I love mini coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate, and this is the tea equivalent! White tea creates a lovely refreshing base, and the coconut chips and cocoa give the tea a delicious nutty taste.

Flickr: Travelling Two

Choco-Rooibos (Bianca, Buying)

I’ve been trying to wean myself off the hot chocolate recently, and our Choco-Rooibos is an amazing substitute. The taste is based on the original hot chocolate brought to Europe in the 16th century – lots of sweet spices (a bit like a chai), heated up with ginger and black pepper.

Chicken Mole (Steph, Web)

I first tried this when I went to Mexico – chicken cooked in a chilli and dark chocolate sauce with a bit of peanut butter and chipotle. It’s delicious in tacos with sour cream and coriander. The trick is to use chocolate with a high cocoa percentage, milk chocolate gets a bit sickly.

White Chocolate Tea (Kate, Training Manager)

I can be quite particular when it comes to blends, as chocolate and tea can be hard to bring together. You can imagine how happy I was to find a light, refreshing tea that truly has the smooth creaminess I love in chocolate…

Chocolate and cheese (Jaime, Customer Services)

People go crazy for dark chocolate and parmesan, but milk chocolate goes better with creamier cheeses like goats cheese or ricotta. Goats cheese, black pepper and milk chocolate truffles work weirdly well, and goats cheese whipped with sugar and raspberry is amazing with chocolate brownies.

Chocolate and bacon cupcakes (Neil, Design)

I first discovered these in a bakery in New York’s East Village – they’re a bit of a classic now but it doesn’t make them any less amazing! I make them with maple syrup buttercream, and finish with maple-roasted bacon sprinkles. 


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