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Getting ready for Festival Season?

Our offices are looking emptier than usual as people head off on the festival circuit – but that doesn’t mean they’ll be missing out on their daily Whittard fix – we’ve become rather used to tea, coffee and cocoa on tap. So, how to cope when camping? Here are a few tips...

Contigo, Contigo, Contigo

You heard it, Contigo. These 100% spill-proof travel mugs have more or less revolutionised our lives. Just imagine, no more spilt tea at the bottom of your bag and there’s nothing nicer when you’re standing in the queue, laden down with tent pegs and fancy dress flower garlands – especially if it’s drizzling.

The thermos system keeps your brew warm for hours, but it’s also brilliant for keeping iced drinks cold. Create a cold brew coffee before you leave and save it for sipping by your tent when you arrive – it’s the perfect boost before the music is turned up and the site is transformed into a futuristic, cyber-space world...

The all-important stove top

When you wake up with damp socks and a deflated air mattress you won’t be in the mood to stand in a tea queue for hours. It’s happened before: no way of boiling water and we’ve been without a cuppa for three dark days. This year, we’re not making the same mistake – all it takes is a small camping stove and a stove top kettle. If you’ve got enough space in your bag then you could even bring a small stove top percolator for coffee… Our mini Bialetti is brilliant.

Heading to the Main Stage?

Usually we just go for our individually wrapped teabags – they’re easy to stash in a pocket of your backpack. But recently we’ve got into the habit of bringing a packet of our large leaf pyramid teabags – all the same intensity of a loose leaf tea, but super-convenient for camping. Plus, they’re biodegradable so you can pop them in the compost bin when you’re done.

Colour-pop petals

That said, you could go the whole hog and bring your favourite loose leaf tea and a globe infuser – it’s easy enough if you’ve got a Contigo. For full-on colour, we’re big on Mango & Bergamot.

What – you forgot the biscuits?

Ever been woken up to the sound of someone screaming that at five in the morning, back from a night at the dance tent? Pass over your supply of Caramel and Sea Salt All-Butter Shortbread and go back to sleep. You may have made a friend for life. 

Keep cosy

For other packing advice, Glastonbury’s packing list is brilliant – one thing we’ve found particularly useful in the past is a hat. Our bobble hat George tea cosy is a viable alternative, and the White Rabbit is the next stage of eccentricity. The cosies are knitted by a group of ladies from Somerset, so it’s perfect for a trip to Glastonbury...

Ok, so we’ll admit your backpack is probably looking pretty full by now. You’d need a camper van to transport the full teatime experience… But it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy at least one of your favourite brews. We’d say start with teabags and Contigo and see where it takes you…

What’s on your festival packing list? Share your tips on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – if you have enough signal, send us your pics from your next festival! 

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