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Tea Gets Spooky | Halloween Tea Party

When family, friends, ghouls and goblins come knocking there’s only one thing to do. Offer them a cup of tea. Obviously.

How about hosting a full-on Halloween tea party? Send us your snaps!

What’s in the cauldron? Hot Halloween drinks ideas

We launched an amazing Toffee Apple tea this autumn, made from giant chunks of apple, caramelised macadamia nuts and a secret ingredient (pineapple!). We also love our Raspberry Blaster as a blood-red brew…

Our Toffee Apple is virtually sugar free, so you can go all out with the Halloween hot chocolate. We’re thinking bewitchingly dark 77% Cocoa Flaked Drinking Chocolate, and our Orange Hot Chocolate served with a slice of pumpkin cake…

Get the eyeball effect by making your own bubble tea: brew up a milky black tea, add plenty of sugar and honey and chill in the fridge. Add cooked tapioca pearls and serve. Slips down a treat…

Take a BITE: Our Halloween recipes

Personally we think our tea puts regular toffee apples to shame, so vamp them up by adding a few drops of black food colouring to the toffee mixture. The glossy black varnish looks particularly poisonous on a bright green Granny Smith apple.

Pumpkin Cake is super easy to make – just use grated pumpkin when making your usual carrot cake and use a light brown sugar instead of white. Depending on your favourite recipe you might feel you need more flour. We always add lots of cinnamon to the mascarpone frosting.

We recently discovered a brilliant use for our shortbread and mini marshmallows. Dracula cookies! Layer raspberry jam on the flat side of two shortbread rounds, and select the white marshmallows to place around the edge (use one or two peach coloured ones for a sinister grin). Top with the other biscuit (jam side down) to make a sandwich – add flaked almonds between the teeth for the full ‘fang’ effect!

Source: Flickr

Get a bit gothic: Setting the scene for your Halloween tea party

Greet trick-or-treaters with our black cast iron Tetsubin teapot full of sweets, and lead guests to a candlelit table covered in cobwebs.

A terrifying table

We’re making bowls from mini pumpkins to serve our poached pears and saving the super-size pumpkins for the masterpiece: Cheshire Cat grins inspired by the John Tenniel illustrations. Create a cat’s eye by drawing an almond-shaped hole and leaving a vertical line in the centre.

To keep the teapot cosy, use our glass teapot warmers lit by a little candle – the glass brings out the glow, creating a sparkling contrast to all that black and orange. Turn jam-jars into ghoulish Halloween faces by covering with coloured tissue paper and drawing a mouth and eyes with black marker. More Cheshire Cats – the table is infested with them!

Lay the table with cast iron teapots for a large gathering and little Stump Teapots for an individual brew – they’re also perfect for a blind tasting, adding the finishing touches to your Halloween tea set. And who says it has to be tea? Nothing’s to say it shouldn’t be something more…. Shocking?

Gory Games for Halloween

Bobbing for apples

This tradition was originally part of the Roman festivities in honour of the apple goddess Pomona and the game is also associated with the 17th century witch trials. There’s a real technique to picking up floating apples with your teeth… If you’re a witch you’ll know all about it.

For a less watery option, try something similar with hot cross buns on strings. The first to eat theirs is the winner!

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Think clues under the floorboards, sweets in teapots and a pumpkin piñata… Forfeits could include putting your feet in wellington boots full of jelly, walking blindfolded through a room full of cobwebs and wearing a false nose for the rest of the evening.

And the treasure? A witch’s box of chocolate gold coins, hidden in a cupboard opened by a skeleton key.

Pumpkin Bowling

Got space in the kitchen, or perhaps a long corridor? Set up a row of bottles painted like ghouls and choose the most circular pumpkin (they tend to roll quite well). We’ll be filling caddies full of jellybeans, they’ll rattle like chains as they fall...


Got any more Halloween ideas? Show us the most sinister on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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