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Healthy Olive Leaf Tea

We’re recently added three new organic olive leaf teas from Mirabilia, produced following a rich Italian tradition where olive leaf tea has been prized for hundreds of years for its health-enhancing properties. If you are looking for something new to try, it's an ideal replacement for black tea and it is said to more antioxidants and vitamin C than green tea.

Olive leaf baskets

The organic olive groves of Abruzzo are situated on the Maiella mountain where the fresh mountain air and pure Appennine waters  provide the optimum growing conditions, as well as a beautiful place to live, and we put a few questions to Bimbi Bellhouse, co-founder of Mirabilia:

 You’ve live in Abruzzo, Italy for ten years now – what first attracted you?

What first attracted us to Abruzzo was the magnificent scenery, ranging from majestic mountains, imposing uplands, densely wooded hills and far reaching olive groves to the sandy beaches of the Adriatic.  We then quickly fell in love with the sense of being suspended in an Italy of thirty years ago:  The pace of life is slower, based as it is on the agricultural seasons of Spring sowing, Autumn olive harvests, wood gathering for the Winter.  The locals are so genuine also, being helpful , kind and correct. 

Mirabilia ladies

What was the inspiration behind Mirabilia Olive leaf tea?

The inspiration behind our tea is the revival of an ancient herbal tradition which in turn is regenerating a failing community - it also means that we are utilising our organic olive trees to their fullest extent which is hugely satisfying.

Mirabilia logo

What’s the best compliment anyone has paid your olive leaf tea? 

 We have had so many compliments on our tea that it is difficult to remember the 'best'.  People drink it because it is light and delicious, because it has no bitter after taste, because they know it is incredibly healthy.  It was very gratifying this Summer when two eight year old children insisted on having it for breakfast!  Everyone loves it.

Which variety of olive leaf tea do you most enjoy and how do you like to take it?

I personally like it best plain for every day, all day drinking.  The olive leaf and bay leaf is a more robust brew and incredibly good for the digestion.  Meanwhile the delicate yet punchy flavour of the olive leaf and wild mint tea makes it delicious hot or cold.

Thank you Bimbi!

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