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How Should You Brew… Coffee?

Coffee. Everyone’s got their own way of making it, from a good old cafetière to that weird gadget your flatmate uses that looks like a chemistry set. There’s no right or wrong way to do it – which is why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you decide which brewing style’s the one for you. Fasten your seatbelts: it’s going to be a caffeine-fuelled ride…

The Flavour Craver

If you’re on a mission to get the fullest, most complex flavours out of your cup, you’ll be aiming for absolute precision. It’ll take a bit more time – but when coffee’s at stake, you know it’s worth it.

First things first. Grinding your coffee at home might seem like a faff, but it’s a sure way to avoid that ashy taste you get from stale grounds. A good electric grinder like the Wilfa Precision makes it as simple as possible to have total control over the final result, from the fineness of the grind down to the quantity of coffee. If you want to be even more exact, the Hario V60 drip scale times and weighs your brew to within a tenth of a gram, letting you perfectly control the ratio of water to grounds.


The High-Flyer

City life’s exciting, but it can also be pretty exhausting. There’s no time for messing about with fancy equipment: we recommend an on-the-go cold brew coffee flask like the Rivers Drinkware flask for convenience when you’re sat in that crowded Tube carriage.

Cold brew has more caffeine in it than regular coffee, thanks to the time that the grounds are in contact with the water. The flask’s handy design means that you can top it up with ground coffee and cold water in the evening, leave it to brew in the fridge overnight, and sip it on the morning commute. Easy peasy.


The Entertainer

Everyone loves a good party trick, whether it’s whipping up a legendary margarita or belching the alphabet (okay – maybe that’s not so great). If you really want to impress with your coffee-making skills, a syphon is a showstopping way to do it.

It’s a gadget that dates back to the 1830s, and the complex science behind it involves vacuums, atmospheric pressure and the changing density of water. Whatever the case, it makes a mean cup of coffee – and it’s a sure way to dazzle your friends.Whatch it in action here!


The Pragmatist

If your motto is “If it ain’t broke”, then you’ve probably already got a cafetière in your kitchen. Simple, elegant and older than your grandma, it’s one of the most popular ways of brewing coffee at home – and for good reason, since its mesh filter retains the natural oils lost with most other brewing methods, adding an extra layer of complexity to that final cup.

If natural oils aren’t really your thing, the Espro Press  is a rather innovative cafetière with a double filter that stops any grit and sludge from making its way into your coffee. And if that sounds too fancy, give Barista & Co.’s Brew It Stick a go: it works in a similar way to a tea infuser, allowing you simply to fill the basket with ground coffee, pop it in your favourite mug, top up with hot water and leave to brew.


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