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How Should You Brew… Tea?

Tea. Everyone’s got their own way of making it, from a nifty little infuser to a teapot bigger than your head. There’s no right or wrong way to do it – which is why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you decide which brewing style’s the one for you. Put the kettle on, grab a biscuit and cosy up for some tea-infused wisdom…

The Art Fanatic

There’s a certain ritualistic pleasure in making a pot of tea – and a lot of that comes down to appearances. If you want to appreciate your tea in all its beau-TEA (see what we did there?), brew it in an elegant glass teapot like the Chelsea or Pimlico.

You’ll be able to watch as the liquor darkens and changes colour; and if you’re using larger leaves, remove the infuser altogether and give the leaves space to unfurl in the pot. The strainer in the spout will catch them as you pour, and you’ll be left with a smooth, clean cup of tea that looks as magnificent as it tastes.

 Chelsea Teapot

The Weekday Brewer

Loose leaf’s got a reputation for being a bit of a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Pao mugs are an easy way to brew away at your desk, over breakfast or even in bed (Saturday mornings, we hear you).

The mugs come in a wide array of colours, and feature a nifty little infuser and a lid to keep your cuppa warm. Just pop your loose tea in the infuser, top it up with hot water and leave it to brew. The lid doubles as a tray for the infuser when you’re done – so you don’t have to keep going back to the kitchen to throw your leaves away.

 Pao tea infuser

The Neo-Traditionalist

If you want the benefits of loose leaf tea but don’t want to give up the simple pleasure of a teabag, why not have your cake and eat it by infusing loose leaf… in a teabag? (Revolutionary, we know.)

Fill-your-own teabags are easy to fill, close and infuse; and because the tea’s loose leaf, you can reinfuse them for a second cup. Win win.


The Traditional Traditionalist

Sometimes only a good old-fashioned teabag will do the trick – they’re convenient, friendly and never inspire an odd look from your guests.

If you’re feeling a little fancy, try one of our loose leaf pyramids: teabags filled with whole tea leaves for a splash of adding excellence. You can even infuse them a second time if you like.

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