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Yesterday by Whittard

Get creative with our Strawberry White Chocolate Milkshake

This half term, we're feeling super-summery and decided to get creative with our hot chocolate. The weather at the moment lends itself towards cool, chilled drinks... but who's to say that can't include drinking chocolate, with a twist.  

Get creative with our Strawberry White Chocolate Milkshake
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22nd July 2014 by Whittard

Cold Brew: Pure and Simple

Are you a tea purist who wouldn't dream of tainting the delicate flavour of your favourite tea with milk or sugar? Who will only use a teabag under duress? If so, let us introduce you to the joys of cold brew. It's a simple way to create a cool, refreshing version of your favourite loose leaf tea, which is smooth and mellow and really delivers the true flavour.

Cold Brew: Pure and Simple
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19th March 2014 by Whittard

Surprising Uses for Green Tea

Kat, manager of our Covent Garden store, has been very creative with green tea and discovered some uses that you might not have considered for recycling your used leaves:

1) Green Tea Face Mask

Simply combine used green tea leaves with a little coconut oil, honey and natural yoghurt and apply to your face, avoiding your eyes. Rinse off with warm water to reveal a smooth and fresh complexion. 

Face mask from green tea

2) Green Tea Toner

Brew loose jasmine tea very strong, cool, strain and refrigerate. Apply using cotton wool to a cleansed face to refresh and brighten your skin.

3) Green Tea Treat for Tired Eyes

Kat starts the day with Gyokuro Asahi, and then drinks this throughout the day, using a paper filter. She then recycles the paper filter and used tea leaves to make a simple but effective eye mask, perfect for soothing tired eyes.

In addition to these green tea tips, Kat also uses Whittard products in the creation of tempting treats - poaching pears in chocolate chai infusion adds a touch of subtle spiciness to a sweet pear tart. 

Pear Tart

She also adds a scoop of hot chocolate to coffee, topped with frothed milk and suggests adding a little white hot chocolate as you are frothing the milk, for a truly indulgent treat. 

Coffee chocolate drink

Do you have any alternative uses for our tea, coffee or hot chocolate?


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21st November 2013 by Whittard

6 Teas and Coffees to Complement your Christmas Menu

At our Christmas launch event this year, our buyers treated store managers with a food pairing session.

The flavours of traditional festive foods were enhanced and enriched through pairings with some very distinctive teas and coffees like Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Imperial Formosa Oolong and Lapsang Souchong. Take a look at the menu below to see our recommendations and some great alternatives to accompany your Christmas feast.

Food pairing

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15th November 2013 by Whittard

8 Bloggers with Great DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

The nights are drawing in and smoke can be seen billowing from more and more chimneys. The season of rich hot chocolates, warming teas and Christmas is upon us. In these times of austerity, one way to make your Christmas gifts even more special is to personalise the gift wrap and we've found some wonderful DIY ideas. We have had a good look around the Internet and discovered some bloggers with some innovative wrapping ideas. They are:

1)          Mocha Blog – Sarah has a passion for design. This shines through in the wrapping paper she creates. Admittedly it is not very festive but with a few tweaks to the basic principle this could work marvellously. Try replacing the colourful butterflies with a festive sleigh or baubles.

2.         Satchels and Pearls – is run by Michele, a self-confessed tea lover, which makes her pretty special in our books. She has some lovely culinary ideas when it comes to wrapping. The way she sends the gift of cakes in jars is novel and inspirational. Try sending a biscuit recipe to go with some Whittard of Chelsea tea.

 3.         I Can’t Stop Shopping – This blog has another interesting take on the giving of wine as a gift and how best you can wrap it up.  There are some beautiful black and white personalised wrapping ideas in there as well.

 4.         Claireabellmakes – This blog has some sumptuously smelling wrapping ideas. This is a brilliant way of sprucing up some drab wrapping paper. The gift tags she has taken beautiful pictures of are the image of festive cheer.

 5.         Live Urban Love Rural – Rachel has some fascinating and novel ways of dressing up her presents for Christmas. The use of paper sweetie bags as well as buttons and fabric make these ideas great as a different take on the Christmas present.

 6.         Mini Eco – Admittedly not a Christmas wrapping idea but these can easily be morphed into something super festive. Remove the normal confetti and get some Christmas confetti used to dress the dinner table on Christmas day. These wrapping paper ideas will explode with Christmas cheer, showering the recipient with the festive spirit.

 7.         Parent Dish – This idea is fantastic to create with the children. Watch out though it could be messy work so lay some newspaper on the kitchen table, get the cookie moulds out and get making. Your Christmas present will be extra special this year with a child’s touch.

 8.         Novelicious – Ok so it’s not strictly a homemade wrapping idea but this wrapping paper was just too good to leave off the list. And I’m sure you could fashion your own with a load of old hardback books and some glue. Make your presents look like a library with this amazing wrapping.

Christmas is a time to spend time with and on those that you truly love. These eight blogs encapsulate  the essence of Christmas - going the extra mile and doing something special. Going the extra yard doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg and with these ideas you can create something magical as well as personal. If you know of any other spectacular homemade wrapping ideas, then please do let us know and leave a comment.


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