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How to spring clean your tea collection with KonMari

We all strive for a more minimalist lifestyle, but tea is an exception to the rule: we’ve got 100 different types in our collection, and counting!

We recently tried KonMari, the Japanese technique behind Marie Kondo’s bestselling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever. It’s amazing – we always knew our caddies were the best way to manage clutter…

Here are our 7 steps to KonMari your tea collection:

1. Tidy all at once: We all do a spring clean from time to time, but it’s no coincidence that we find ourselves sifting through the same mess. The KonMari method says that little and often is not enough – do it all in one fell swoop to avoid reverting back to your old ways. Take out your entire tea collection to view in its entirety – even those strainers, infusers and filters you forgot were hiding at the back of the cupboard. Right, now you're ready to blitz it!

2. Visualise your destination: Picture what you want down to the smallest detail. You want an uncluttered kitchen? Not specific enough. Think about the colours of your caddies, in what order you want to arrange your tea, and even what you’ll read as you sip your Darjeeling at the breakfast table. Get creative!

3. Ask WHY: Look at your new ‘visualisation’ and write down clear reasons as to why you’ve chosen to KonMari your tea collection and what it means to you. Try sorting in sections of black, green, white and oolong, and alphabetically within each section. Think how much easier it’ll be to find your Honolulu Hula.

4. Love or just ‘like’?: In her book, Marie Kondo tells us to ask whether an item ‘sparks joy’. In other words, if you don’t really love an object, get rid of it. Two year old tea? Bin it. Alice in Wonderland tea set? Cherish it! 

5. Tidy by category, not location: Keep losing your mini tea caddies to the depths of your handbag? Finding infusers in your desk drawer at work? This is exactly why Kondo specifies that you tidy by category – locate all items of the same type and gather into one place before you start de-cluttering.

6. Order is everything: Kondo says that approaching tidying in the right order can make all the difference. When starting on the kitchen we think that tea is the most important place to begin, followed by other drinks (such as coffee and hot chocolate) before organising your cups, teapots and strainers. We love using our old tea caddies to store our favourite tea strainers and infusers, keeping the kitchen tidy but functional.

7. Discard before you put anything back: This is a tricky one. Making mess while you tidy might seem counterintuitive, but Kondo says it’s essential not to tidy or put items away before you have finished your purge. Make sure you’ve discarded everything you need to before putting your favourite caddies back in place.

Kondo says that tidying transforms your space and can have ‘immeasurable effects’ on other areas of your life. Why not kick off your spring-cleaning by organising your tea collection?

Tweet us an image of your own KonMari tea collection, or tag us on Instagram so that we can check up on your progress!

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