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Ice gets enticing

While browsing summer scrapbooks on Pinterest we discovered a wealth of beautiful, practical and inspiring examples of how to jazz up that summer drinks staple: the humble ice cube.    

How on earth do you reinvent the ice cube? True, these beauties still serve the same chilly purpose but they’re a lot more enticing. Here are some of our favourites – your freezer will thank you.

Ice Queens

Forget woolly mammoths. Edible flowers and herbs look beautiful suspended in ice, just add a petal or two to the water when you fill your cube tray. They’re great for decorating a cocktail in one of our clear Kilner glasses, or surrounding a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket. If you’re looking for a glitzy party piece, try sprinkling edible glitter onto partially frozen ice.

Image: Flickr

Why settle for water?

Rather than diluting your Cold Brew Coffee or iced latte with flavourless, watery ice, why not use frozen cubes of coffee instead? Adding extra depth to your brew, they’re super simple to create at home. Brew your favourite coffee in a cafetiere, AeroPress or V60 for extra clarity of flavour, allow to cool, then pour into your ice cube tray and freeze. Pop a couple into your chilled coffee and keep it cold in a Contigo travel mug. Cold Brew, Contigo, House keys. You’re ready to leave.

Image: A Beautiful Mess


The same technique works like a charm for chilled drinking chocolate – choose your favourite cocoa (we love our Mint blend for freshness), make as usual then chill and finally freeze into cubes. Add to a glass of milk and slowly swirl to see the iced chocolate combine and cool. Or just add to your iced mocha with mix-and-match coffee and chocolate ice cubes.

Freshen up with a facial

Brew a pot of Camomile tea, leave it to cool then freeze into cubes. recommends popping one of these out of the freezer each morning and rubbing over clean skin. The Camomile will soothe and soften the skin, as well as improve blood circulation and tighten pores, leaving you looking utterly radiant. As if you need it, after all that tea drinking.


Keep it crystal clear

Many of the prettiest ice cube creations look best with crystal clear frozen water, like the petal ice cubes above. There’s a trick to getting that cut-glass finish – boiling the water first to remove dissolved gases and leaving the ice free from air bubbles. We found boiling the water twice works the best, letting it to cool slightly before pouring into the tray and freezing.

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