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Are Teabags Inferior?

Tea was traditionally brewed in a teapot, using loose leaves. The invention of tea bags came about around 1908 when a New York tea merchant, Thomas Sullivan, started to send samples of tea to his customers in small silken bags. The idea was that they would then remove the tea from the bag, however his customers simply added the entire bag to the teapot, enjoyed the results and hence the teabag was born.

There is sometimes an assumption that the teabags are made from inferior tea and this may be true in some cases, however Whittard teabags are made from the same quality teas as our loose leaf teas. The tea is simply cut more finely  to enable it to brew quicker.

Whittard teabag

It’s purely a matter of personal choice – the ease and convenience of being able to make a single cup using a teabag or creating an occasion around tea and taking the time to use loose tea and a teapot. The end result is just as enjoyable.

Which do you prefer? Teabag or loose tea?

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