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Seven Black Tea Highlights (New Loose Teas Part 1)

We’re thrilled to introduce some exciting new additions to our loose tea range, we're adding forty six in total including green, white, yellow, black, oolong and puerh.  In this piece, we're highlighting some of the most special black teas:

Darjeeling Badamtam 1st Flush

The Badamtam estate is situated high in the Himalayas and watched over by a majestic bronze statue of Buddha. This first flush is picked as the spring sun warms the valleys. The young shoots produce a delightfully sweet floral taste, best enjoyed lightly brewed for a fragrant, golden cup.

1st flush refers to the first pickings of the season, typically around March and considered a speciality. When fine tea is picked it is done by hand and only  the top bud and next two leaves are picked.

Assam Mangalam 2nd Flush

Second flush teas from Assam, in north East India, are particularly sought after as they possess all the finest characteristics of Assam tea. This tea from the Mangalam tea garden is full-bodied with the distinctive Assam malty taste and long-lasting flavour. Second flush refers to tea picked when the leaves grow back after the first flush , typically around May/June.  

 Assam Mangalam tea

Kenya Marinyn

This orthodox tippy leaf tea from the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro has a pleasant spicy flavour and produces a rich copper cup.

Nilgiri Kala Moti

Kala Moti means black pearls and this is a very special tea, grown at high altitude in the Nilgiri mountains of Western India. A soft delicate tea, full of flavour.

Nilgiri Kala Moti

Black Pagoda

This is an elegant black tea with long golden tips tied by hand into the shape of pagodas. Full-bodied, but mild with a sweet aftertaste.

Keemun Hao Ya B

A rare tea, grown in the Anhui province of China. It is aromatic, floral, and subtly fruity and produces a clear, hazel colour.

Tippy Golden Yunnan

This is one of our Head Buyer’s favourites. "It is a tea that is smooth and sweet with a gentle smokiness and dry finish. I prefer to take it black - a lovely tea to drink any time of the day."

Tippy Golden Yunnan

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