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Putting the ‘Tea’ in ‘Team’: Tea Tournaments

Fasten your trainers and get outside: it’s summer, the season of sports. In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re mad about tea—so naturally we came up with some wacky tea-themed sports you can do in the comfort of your own home.


Tasting Relay

Ready for a relay? You might not have a running track to hand, but with a little inspiration (and improvisation) you can create your very own tea tasting relay. You’ll need four tasting stations—they could be in the comfort of your kitchen, around the garden (if the weather’s playing ball), or all over the house.

Tasting is an experience best shared, and we think this works best as a team activity: each member of your carefully selected tasting team can begin at a different station, with a hot cup of freshly brewed tea. You could try placing different types of tea at each station (black, green, white, infusion), or exploring the subtleties of tastes within a type. We used a range of summer infusions: Cucumber Mint for a refreshing start, Very Berry Crush for a mid-race wake-up, Raspberry Blaster for a late boost and Rosebuds for a final sprint. 


Infusion Mile

When Roger Bannister ran the four-minute mile in 1954, we like to think he was racing for a cup of tea. In fact, four minutes is the perfect infusion time for many black and green teas. Think of it as an Infusion Mile…

We’ve reimagined the history of this record as a journey through tea: instead of running a mile, you can pay homage to each runner by brewing a perfect cup in their record time. Simply choose a tea, begin infusion, and voilà. Before you know it, you’ll be running with the greats.



Our mini caddies are a pocket-sized revelation. They’re so versatile, they can even be used as sporting equipment. Introducing: Caddyball.


When one of our experts had finished her Piccadilly Blend, she came up with the wacky idea of using the empty caddy as a basket. Think basketball, but with chocolate coated espresso beans instead of a ball. Insane? Maybe. Genius? Probably.


We suggest dividing up teams using the different flavours of our espresso beans: milk, dark, white and cocoa dusted. Just make sure your teammates don’t eat the beans until the final whistle blows…


As an alternative, you could even try using our Tuo Cha as the caddyball. These individually wrapped Chinese tea cakes are perfect for shooting the hoop. (Pssst: they also make an amazing brew.)


The Tea Vault


No, we’re not talking about a secret underground stash of tea—though we’ve heard rumours of a place in Kyrgyzstan. The Tea Vault is our own spin on the pole vault. All you’ll need is a teaspoon, a teabag, and something to vault over. We’ve found a toast rack works well, but with a little imagination you can make a track and field on your very own countertop.


  1. Place your spoon a measured distance from the toast rack—say, ten centimetres—with the handle facing away from you.
  2. Carefully place your teabag in the spoon.
  3. Put your finger on the end of the handle—this end cannot move.
  4. Take a deep breath.
  5. Flick your teabag over the vault!


With practice, you’ll soon be vaulting over world records and into tea history. We advise following this sport with a steaming cup of fresh tea.

Have you got any ideas for tea-themed sports? Comment below—we always love to hear your suggestions. (That said, we wouldn’t recommend swimming in our tea…)

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