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Top 8 Homemade Christmas Drink Recipes

Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry. The shops are full of festive food and drinks and you can be spoilt for choice. If you don’t fancy braving the hordes, there is an alternative – why not try making your own? Your gifts will be more personal, delicious and also potentially will save you money too – plus you have the satisfaction of having created something yourself!.  We’ve found eight bloggers with homemade drink gift ideas that are easy to make but will certainly be warmly received.

1.         Recipes From A Normal Mum – This delightful present idea is simply terrific. The problem of sending a loved one a drink for Christmas is solved perfectly. Involves melted chocolate, marshmallows and a spoon!. Perfect for a sweet-toothed person who is short on time. All they need to do is warm some milk and stir like crazy. Or if you don't have the time you could try these.

 choc spoon

2.         Real Housewife of Suffolk – Let’s face it, Christmas would be a shade of its current glory without mulled wine. Some recipes can be extremely lengthy and pretty pricey at that. This is a nice simple recipe that packs a punch and allows for a lot of individual flair. Perfect for a night in, watching Christmas films or to be served at a Christmas get together.

3.         Farmer’s Girl Kitchen – Sloe cordial is a non-alcoholic take on Sloe Gin. Obviously if you want the added kick then you can use the cordial as a mixer with some gin, vodka or other such spirit. Sloe Gin has become associated with Christmas and the winter as traditionally the sloe drupes (berries) are picked after the first frost. The frost cracks the skin and allows much more infusion of flavour.

 sloe cordial

4.         Dishy Cookery School – Christmas is as much about the sensory overload as it is about the presents. Whether that is the delicious food, the pungent smells or deep and vibrant colours the festive season really aims at the senses. This drink does exactly that by infusing pomegranate seeds with vodka. You will be left with a mix of alcohol and pomegranate flavours. On top of this the colour is sure not to disappoint.

5.         Coffee Muffins –  Lauren spotted a shortage of homemade, Christmas-inspired coffee syrups. So she came up it her own, in which cloves and cinnamon combine seamlessly to make a fragrant, spicy syrup.

 Christmas syrup

6.         Recipes From A Pantry – This is another take on the gift of hot chocolate, but in a jar rather than on a spoon. The jar can be spruced up with some other little confectionaries; marshmallows would be an idea, as would Whittard Sugar Swizzle Sticks. Decorate the jar with some ribbons and fake frost to make a really convincing present.

7.         Archie And The Rug – This blog gives a whole range of coffee syrup ideas. The most festive is undoubtedly the orange one. The tradition of putting an orange in a stocking may be becoming less popular, but there is still something so very festive about oranges. Adding an orange twist to your coffee will surely get the sleigh bells ringing. Alternatively here's a ready made selection of coffee syrups.

8.         Afternoon Tease – Limoncello is an Italian liqueur. It is traditionally served as an after dinner digestif, and what could be more impressive than serving one you’ve made yourself? This recipe takes a while to prepare so it is best to start working on it earlier rather than later. Especially true if you want a full-bodied and flavoursome liqueur.

A great selection of gift ideas and drinks to serve and enjoy during your Christmas celebrations, hope you enjoy them

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