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We Love Brunch

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, so that means only one thing: brunch. 


For this year’s Valentine’s Day, we’ve focused on making things easy. Choose the right tea, coffee and hot chocolate and we’re pretty sure you’ve got a recipe for success – the trick is to make the right combinations. We’ve been doing our own matchmaking with our Valentine’s bundles, but the most impressive Valentine gifts come from thinking outside the box. It all starts with brunch…


What’s on the menu?

Everyone has their own favourite brunch combos – so when you’re cooking for someone else it’s important to get it right. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Long-term lovers

You’ve been carrying on with this Valentine’s malarkey for years now, so you’ve pretty much got the brunch schedule sorted.

Spice things up a bit with chilli shakshuka eggs, Virgin Mary cocktails and a smoky espresso. We like Café Francais brewed in the Stove Top for extra strength, and Bourbon Espresso for a taste of dark chocolate – especially delicious if you add a pinch of brown sugar to the tomatoes in the shakshuka.  

The gift fix:

Bourbon Espresso + AeroPress + Barista Espresso Cups + Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans


The on-off relationship

Are you, aren’t you? It’s tricky to tell, so best to keep things light and fresh. Start by grinding the coffee beans.

In our experience, San Augustin Colombia smells particularly delicious freshly ground – you pick up those notes of citrus and caramel, and it’s not all smoke. Mix up a fruit salad with lots of lemon and mint – we sometimes add a couple of slices of cucumber if serving with our Cucumber Mint tea.

The gift fix:

San Augustin Colombia Coffee + V60 + Tribeca Glass Cups & Saucers + Lemon Shortbread


Love without words

Said ‘I love you’ yet? No need to rush, let the tea do the talking.

Our Limited Edition Love Tea is an amazing blend of raspberries, cocoa kernels and sugared hazelnuts, with a hint of coconut and little pink sugar-hearts. Serve with almond croissants and raspberry jam, and if you’ve got a juicer, combine kiwi, apple and matcha to create a neon green drink – looks lovely with the pink…


The gift fix:

Love Tea + Queen of Hearts Shortbread + Sugar Sweethearts


Sweet and sentimental

You’re settled, things are going well, you can afford to go crazy on the Valentine’s theme.

Blend your usual scotch pancake mixture with cocoa, freeze dried raspberries and sugar to add a red velvet twist. Cut into heart shapes and top with fresh raspberries, sour cream and demerara sugar. Scatter a few of our rosebuds around the table (they can be used for champagne cocktails later) and complete the look with our shocking pink Raspberry Ripple hot chocolate.

The gift fix:

Raspberry Ripple Flavour Hot Chocolate + Soho Latte Glasses + Mini Marshmallows + Rosebuds Tea


Got brunch plans for Valentine’s Day? Show us your creations on social!

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