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Worldwide Christmas Drinks

Worldwide Christmas Drinks

Looking for Christmas cocktail ideas to spice up your Christmas party? We’ll be brewing whole cauldrons of our Mulled Wine infusion and whipping up White Hot Chocolate for Britain, but how about serving up one of these creative concoctions?

Upgrade your Eggnog

Eggnog is often thought to be an all-American invention, but it actually originated in the east of England in the medieval period. The ‘nog’ part is thought to stem from the word ‘noggin’, the small wooden mug used to serve alcohol. Merry widows and jolly millers would create a curdled posset from hot milk and eggs mixed with nutmeg, ale and treacle.

The classic American eggnog adds brandy to cream, egg yolks and brandy. Try with coconut milk and allspice for a Caribbean variety.

Go for Glühwein

There’s mulled wine, and then there’s Glühwein: the sweet spiced wine typically served in European Christmas markets. The name literally translates as ‘glow wine’, referring to the hot irons that were originally used for mulling.

The tradition of heating wine and adding citrus and spices was popularised by the Romans, but northern European countries soon made it their own. Every Christmas market has a slightly different recipe. In Bruges we’ve tasted Glühwein infused with lemons instead of oranges, in Amsterdam we tried a chilli, black pepper and maple syrup recipe which was pretty spectacular. In Germany it’s worth seeking out ‘Feuerzangenbowle’, or ‘fire tongs punch’, made by setting fire to a rum-soaked sugar loaf and letting it drip into the wine….

Merry Monkeys

A classic Chilean Christmas cocktail is Cola de Mono or ‘monkey’s tail’, made with milk, coffee, sweet spices and a spirit such as white rum, pisco or brandy. It’s usually served with a slice of spiced Christmas sponge cake, Pan de Pascua, made with candied fruits, raisins and caramelised nuts.

Wondering which coffee to use? When blending with milk it’s always best to choose a medium to dark roast – the citrus freshness of a light roast is better suited to serving black. Our chocolatey Guatemala Elephant is delicious with milk and cream and strong enough to complement the spices.

Jamaican Sorrel Punch

Rum and ginger are two Jamaican Christmas staples, and the sorrel flower is in full-bloom during December. The flavour is comparable to hibiscus, the flower we use to add zing to our red berry blends like Very Berry Crush and Apple & Elderflower – a great alternative base for the punch if there’s no sorrel in sight.

Jamaican sorrel punch is brewed with dried sorrel, grated ginger, pimento berries, lemon juice and white rum, not forgetting plenty of sugar. It’s usually served with a hefty slice of rum-soaked Christmas cake, so there’s not much chance of staying sober…

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