Superhero Teas Gift Box

Superhero Teas Gift Box

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Forget the Avengers – these three blends are ready to save the world. Goji Açaí blends luscious green tea with two far-famed power berries; and Lavender Yerba Mate is a herbal alternative to your morning brew, with a natural caffeine buzz. To top things off we’ve blended exotic puerh tea with lemon verbena and tangerine for a healthy, fruity brew: it’s a deliciously refreshing palate cleanser.


100g Pouch Goji Acai
100g Pouch Puerh Mandarin
50g Pouch Lavender Yerba Mate

Tea Taster Sets

It's not always easy to navigate the world of tea. We've made things simple by grouping some of our more unusual teas into ""taster sets"": groups of exquisite teas that complement each other.