Whether enjoyed as an early morning tonic or over some after-dinner idling, coffee drinking should be an experience to savour. There’s far more to coffee than what you see on the café menu – a truly brilliant brew is defined by the origin of the beans, the style of roast and the level of grind. Have a browse to discover coffee produced by the finest plantations across the world: from the jungles of Java to the smallholding cooperatives of Kenya. With rare single origin artisan coffees and exclusive Whittard blends, there’s plenty of scope to get creative when choosing your coffee…

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  1. Decaffeinated Coffee

    From £3.50

    • Origin: Blended
    • Body: Medium-bodied
    • Roast: Light/Medium Roast (2)
    • Taste: Rich and smooth
  2. Mocha Djimmah Coffee

    From £3.50

    • Origin: Djimmah, Ethiopia
    • Body: Full-bodied
    • Roast: Light/Medium Roast (2)
    • Taste: Dark chocolate, rich and winey
  3. Papua New Guinea Coffee

    From £4.50

    • Origin: Papua New Guinea, Asia
    • Body: Light-bodied
    • Roast: Light/Medium Roast (2)
    • Taste: Sweet and citrusy with hints of toasted caramel