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Guatemala Elephant Coffee

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Big, brave and bold...

They say an elephant never forgets, and this bold-tasting bean is likely to leave a lasting impression.

Cultivated on the fertile volcanic slopes of Lake Atitlán, the giant, glossy Guatemala Maragogype beans are quite a curiosity, dwarfing most other beans at almost triple the size! They also trumpet a bold flavour, with deep roasted bass tones, soft fruity top notes, finished with a smooth, well-balanced chocolatey sweetness. A Gold Winner of the Great Taste Awards in 2011, the judges described our Guatemala Elephant Coffee as a "heavy roast that actually delivers. Well balanced flavours. No ashiness and some gentle chocolate notes. Big, brave and bold - and it worked."

With its striking wholebeans and complex taste profile, Guatemala Elephant has well-earned status as one of the best-loved coffees in our range. To celebrate, we’ve given it a brand new look as part of our collection of beautiful filled caddies – crown this big-tasting coffee king of your kitchen shelf.

  • Origin


  • Body


  • Roast

    Dark, Medium

  • Tastes like

    Honey and chocolate sweetness

Brew the perfect cup

  Guatemala Elephant is a well-balanced coffee which makes a mean espresso; try brewing it with an AeroPress, stovetop or cafetière. When making coffee always use freshly drawn and boiled water – wait a few seconds for the water to cool so you don’t scald the grinds. Cardinal rule? Never re-heat brewed coffee! Freshness is everything.

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40 Reviews

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Write a Review
* * * * * Beautiful! by Anna on 15th July 2018

A lovely dark rich coffee with a chocolate hint!

* * * * * Rich and Smooth by Janice on 26th June 2018

Like the other reviewer, we have tried many more expensive and cheaper, this is the best so far. Drunk black hot or cold - fabulous - rich, but not bitter and so smooth it is almost creamy.

* * * * * MRS by Sira on 8th June 2018

I buy this coffee every week 125 gram as a Turkish grind and enjoy with fresh morning breakfast. The smell is incredible.

* * * * * Look no further! by Jack on 5th June 2018

Tried so many different coffees for my new Jura F8 - stumbled upon this one and nothing else comes close!

* * * * * Awesome Elephants by Mike Clapp on 21st May 2018

You can see why this is so popular. I am new to exploring coffees from different countries but this was an amazing place to start. Highly recommend.

* * * * * Gorgeous coffee by Rob Sweet on 8th May 2018

Just tried Guatemala elephant for the first time today. This is the best coffee I have ever had. I usually go for Columbian but, this is on another level. Will be buying this from now on.

* * * * * Best of both worlds by Charlotte on 19th February 2018

Bold flavours with the dark chocolate notes with a citrus sweetness. My absolute favourite, I could drink cup after cup!

* * * * * Guatemala coffee beans by Karen Kirkpatrick on 1st November 2015

Great taste and rich flavour-perfect for a boost in the morning or any other time. Can't find anything else to beat it and repeat order a lot. Delivery is usually fast.

* - - - - Horrid by Alice on 14th October 2015

These beans have been roasted to within an inch of their life resulting in a very bland, uncomplicated and uniform "strong coffee" flavour. If you're a smoker and your taste buds are shot then this is the coffee for you.

* * * - - Not what I had hoped for TBH by Jackie Messenger on 22nd August 2015

For me this wasn't at all what I was looking for to replace the 'After Dinner' coffee which I have been buying for years and thoroughly enjoying. I went to order my usual supply only to be told it was no longer available, we were really disappointed. However I spoke to someone over the phone at one of the Whittard shops and was told that this could be a good replacement. Well it wasn't I'm afraid but it wasn't terrible either and out of all the coffees we have bought from various sources in the last few weeks it was the one I least disliked! Glad to say that we have no found a suitable substitute with the Francais coffee, it isn't as nice but it will certainly do. As for the Guatemala Elephant Coffee, I wouldn't have put it in the bold section as in my opinion it really doesn't have the clout. Sorry but there it is, a nice coffee but not if you are looking for a big kick.

* * * * * Great by Michelle on 17th May 2015

Just a wee note to say my mum LOVED this coffee and I loved the speedy delivery and careful packaging!

* * * * * Gillian by Gillian Grose on 26th April 2015

Whittards closed their shop in Tunbridge Wells several years ago so I was left buying beans from our local Super market which we did not really enjoy so I was delighted to find Whittards on the web and was once again able to buy and enjoy one of my favourite breakfast coffees again. I always buy beans and freeze the bag and just grid enough for breakfast. By freezing the beans it keeps them fresh

* * * * * Guatamala elephant by JMcN on 13th April 2015

A long-time favourite, this coffee. We discovered it just after we got married and have been buying Guatamala Elephant coffee beans ever since. Store them in the freezer and take them out when we fancy a special cup of coffee.

* * * * * A true coffee delight by Richard on 9th April 2015

This was one of the first beans I ever sampled from Whittards and I could never forget that beautiful, smooth, earthy flavour. Having bought some more I still love the taste and is by far one of my favourite beans. I use an electric grinder to grind my beans fresh each day, taking them to work in an air tight container and using a French press to brew the coffee. My preference is black with no sugar but I like a strong flavour

* * * * * Coffee by Ben on 1st January 2015

I brought this coffee for my parents and sister to share with some vanilla syrup, at first I was really looking forward to so when we had some I was really shocked because it was delightful smooth and not to strong, 2 sugars for me and this is perfect.

* * * * * Delicious Coffee by Patricia Green on 29th December 2014

This coffee is my Whittards favourite: it is strong, full bodied, but with no bitter aftertaste. It is best drunk black without sugar. I use a Cuissinart coffee maker and I've found that the Expresso grind is best for my machine. After all the shops in my vicinity closed, I missed Whittards so much that I started buying in bulk online. I always have at least two 250g bags of Guatemala Elephant in my freezer and start getting withdrawal symptoms if I have only one bag!!!

* - - - - Awful by Alex on 16th November 2014

I honestly think this coffee is barely drinkable. This is better than the cheaper instant coffees, but that's about the best thing I can say. It brews very harshly and generally has a burnt taste. The coffee was not particularly fresh either and had a stale taste to it. It reminds me of a certain well known chain (known for it's over roasting) when you get the bottom of the barrel a few hours after it has been brewed; and this is fresh from an aeropress.

* * * * * There is no other coffee by Simon on 8th December 2013

My wife bought me a Gagia for my birthday a few years ago and I began my search for a great coffee. Several beans later I arrived at Guatemala Elephant and I haven't tried anything else since. I don't think Blue Mountain is as nice, incidentally, and there isn't really anything else I've found that comes close to GM. Peter (post 5) - if you're referring to Ashford, Kent in your review, you might be pleased to know that Nasons in Canterbury has a Whittards outlet in store.

* * * * * The best coffee ever by Jacqui Riegel on 7th December 2013

If you are going to treat yourself to a coffee , then have a good one, and never an instant. This coffee is it. Tastes exactly as described, and is enjoyed by drinking it hot and slow, accompanied by Mejool dates.

* * * * * Back for more. by Trev on 29th November 2013

Since being spoilt with this. I find that I use this as a benchmark, and not a lot compares. Blue Mountain obviously, but at an incredibly higher price. The fact that it bears comparison should tell you all you needs to know. This is silky, sweet, with a bite that is in no way bitter or acidic. Deep, complex flavour, at a bargain price.

* * * * * GREAT TASTE by PETER on 3rd September 2013


* * * * - Machine Issues by Rick Dewhirst on 9th July 2013

This is a great coffee and certainly not bitter and weak as described by Loopy. But then I suppose she is loopy. Christina Firth's review is about bang on- the coffee is deep, mellow with chocolaty overtones. BUT these are BIG beans and they don't flow through my coffee machine well and I imagine this will be a problem with most machines with built in grinders, so unless you are happy to stand over the machine pushing them through or are hand grinding and using a cafetiere I would avoid. Would have been 5 stars for taste but one off for convenience issues!

* * - - - Dissapointing by Loopy on 24th April 2013

Purchased this after seeing good reviews online and it's 'great taste' award but was very disappointed. I found the taste to be bitter and weak, certainly not worth the price tag.

* * * * * Guatemalan Elephant by S Rogowski on 13th July 2012

Will be buying a large bag of these next weekend after trying several different beans. Very complex taste with hints of dark chocolate & no nasty after taste.

* * * * - 1kg goes so quickly by Pete Jackson on 9th June 2012

Whittard shop in Southampton gave me the choice I requested, by way of smelling the coffee beans. This was the first of 5 I tried, had to come back to it. 1 kg bag bought in the shop there and then. 4 weeks later, shy of £30, have run out and, like others, need to either go back to their big shop, or wait for online delivery. No complaints about the coffee, although it did go quickly, no one else seems to provide Whittard choice.

* * * * * Highly recommended by Michal on 14th April 2012

Great taste, best at this price

* * * * * Simply Brilliant by Darren on 9th April 2012

If you like you're coffee strong, but not too bitter, then this is the coffee for you. It offers a really bold taste without the downsides, and simultaneously gives a very smooth after-taste to match. Win!

* * - - - Very slow delivery by James on 7th April 2012

Five days to deliver is ridiculous, and only average coffee. Other companies ship with next day delivery the day after the beans are roasted, so will not use again.

* * * * * simply the best! by Sam Shaw on 26th March 2012

This is now the only coffee we buy, the taste is lovely, bitter coffee with a subtle chocolate taste but not nasty after taste, We have tried other Whittards Coffee beans before but none of them compare to this Guatemalan Elephant coffee. My only grip, not with the coffee but with Whittards is that my local shop (which is now 30 miles away) never have it in stock and delivery is expensive on the website for the beans, but they are the best!

* * * * * Guatemala Eephant coffee by Rod Winterhalder on 21st March 2012

Guatemala Elephant really is the best tasting coffee I have ever had and at 63 years old I have tasted a few. I also leaves a wonderful aroma in the kitchen which is so pleasing to come home to.

* * * * * Excellent by James Wood on 12th March 2012

I use this in my cafetiere - having been to Guatemala and seen where this stuff comes from - high in the cool volcanic mountains with plenty of rain, this is a top quality bean with a lovely flavour

* * * * - Delicious by Sam C on 9th March 2012

A delicious coffee, full of flavour without being controversial (if you like coffee you will like the Guatemala Elephant). A firm favourite.

* * * * * Like an elephant; big but gentle by Dennis Blackmore on 27th February 2012

Someone bought me a taster pack of different Whittards coffees (I'm a big coffee fan) and the Elelphant stood (as you would expect of an elephant) head and shoulders above the rest! It's big and bold but still gentle on the palette.

* * * * * Fabulous Beans by Jennine Loader on 14th February 2012

No other beans come close to Guatemala Elephant...strong roast with no bitter taste, very smooth. It's a shame the foil bags aren't always used for this coffee as I buy in bulk

* * * * * Guatemala Elephant by Mr R P Warwick on 8th February 2012

I love this coffee, Simply adore the aroma and taste, I was shocked when i first saw the size of the beans, They take a little longer to grind but well worth the effort, Recommend this coffee to everyone

* * * * * Fantastic by Sally on 30th November 2011

Have had this for special treats a few times. The aroma is amazing and the flavour is to 'die for'! If you ever want to try just one coffee, then this is the one - I just love it!

* * * * * Great coffee by Paula Sindberg on 31st October 2011

I've been buying Guatemala Elephant dark roast coffee for a number of years now. It is absolutely one of my favourites - very rich and strong but not at all bitter. Expensive but worth it.

* * * * * Guatemalian Elephant Beans by Jim Gellan-Adams on 16th October 2011

We have used this product for many years now, and it is always exactly the same. We once tried a cheaper offer of the same bean from another supplier and it was not up to the usual standard from Whittard. Deliveries are always quick, though once we mistakenly order ground instead of beans, but they were replaced instantly - service above and beyond as our American friends say. Our only gripe is the discount card is not now available on web orders, though it is still there for orders in the shops' Still a 10 out of 10 service

* * * * * guatemala elephant coffee beans by Kenneth Oakes on 1st October 2011

my wife and myself have been enjoying this coffee for over two years now and would not swop it for any other and we have tried lot;s.would strongly recomend

* - - - - Best Coffee ever by Paula Tanner on 19th September 2011

I have been buying Guatemalan coffee for years now as it is simply the best around. It is good value for money and as we buy the beans and store them straight in the freezer they last for weeks. No need to defrost before grinding.

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Jesuit missionaries first introduced coffee to Guatemala in 1750, and the prime reason for Guatemala’s coffee success is its geography: cultivated under shade at a range of altitudes from 1,600ft – 16,000ft, the plantations produce beautiful, complex Arabica beans. Today coffee is Guatemala’s primary export, with about 25% of the country’s population making their living from the coffee trade. With an extraordinary depth of flavour, ranging from the fruity and sweet to deeper notes of spiced cocoa, these are among the most popular coffees in our range…

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