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Limited Ed. Guatemala Huehuetenango

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We’ve always been crazy about Guatemalan coffee, but even we were a little blown away by the delectably smooth, toffee-rich character of this dark roast. It’s an indulgent treat for those who like their coffee bold and dark, with a cocoa intensity that adds real depth to lattes and cappuccinos.

Huehuetenango might be hard to pronounce, but this region in Guatemala has gained quite the name for itself among coffee connoisseurs. The Todosantarita cooperative that produces this particular coffee has used the crop as a means of benefiting the community: over the past twenty years they’ve built a school, a library and a health clinic.
  • Origin


  • Body


  • Roast


  • Tastes like

    Toffee & Cloves

  • When to drink

    Weekend afternoons

Brew the perfect cup

This is a versatile coffee that’s delicious with or without milk – we love it brewed in a cafetière, stovetop or AeroPress. When making coffee always use freshly drawn and boiled water – wait a few seconds for the water to cool so you don’t scald the grinds. Cardinal rule? Never reheat brewed coffee: freshness is everything.

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Write a Review
* * * * * An Absolutely Exceptional Coffee by Martin LS on 14th May 2018

I've ordered plenty of coffee online from various small retailers and rather disregarded and scorned Whittards, with its easy availability on the high street and broad appeal. I'd thought their coffee wouldn't be up to the same sort of standards as the gourmet coffees from small suppliers. That theory was blown right out of the water by this coffee. I bought 125g on Friday afternoon and was back in the shop buying more on Saturday morning. It has a absolutely sumptious, deep rich & nutty flavour. Some of the best coffee I've tasted. I was seriously impressed. Obviously it's quite expensive at £44 per kilo, but I can't recommend it highly enough. Well done Whittards! The only slight concern is that it's "limited edition". Not too limited I hope! Let's have this as a permanent addition to the Whittards range.



Jesuit missionaries first introduced coffee to Guatemala in 1750, and the prime reason for Guatemala’s coffee success is its geography: cultivated under shade at a range of altitudes from 1,600ft – 16,000ft, the plantations produce beautiful, complex Arabica beans. Today coffee is Guatemala’s primary export, with about 25% of the country’s population making their living from the coffee trade. With an extraordinary depth of flavour, ranging from the fruity and sweet to deeper notes of spiced cocoa, these are among the most popular coffees in our range…

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