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Kenya Peaberry Coffee

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Wonderful medley of ripe tropical fruits...

This single origin coffee from Kenya’s Central Province is crafted purely from prized peaberries - a particular type of coffee bean, formed when the two seeds of a berry fuse into a single tiny oval bean rather than two flat-faced sides.


Many consider peaberries to be more flavourful than regular varieties of bean, and this is reflected in the harvesting and roasting process. Our Kenya Peaberry was harvested using a special sieve to painstakingly separate the small percentage of peaberries from the more commonplace twin beans - we then applied a light roast to carefully preserve the peaberries’ delicate taste profile.


With its wonderful medley of ripe tropical fruits, a tangy acidity and crisp, clean aftertaste, this is a lighter and more refreshing alternative to regular Kenyan coffee - the perfect cup to accompany a bright breakfast or a light lunch.

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  • Tastes like

    Fruity, piquant and smooth

Brew the perfect cup

  This is a fruity, beautifully sweet coffee. We’d recommend using a cafetière, syphon or pour-over brewer like the V60 to fully appreciate this light roast. When making coffee always use freshly drawn and boiled water – wait a few seconds for the water to cool so you don’t scald the grinds. Cardinal rule? Never re-heat brewed coffee! Freshness is everything.

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Write a Review
Write a Review
* * * * - Not a Typical Coffee Drinker by Rheannon on 17th July 2018

I’m not a typical coffee drinker however, I found Whittards lighter roasts, especially the Kenya Peaberry, to be a lovely light and slightly fruity flavour.

* * * * * My favourite coffee yet! by Anna on 15th July 2018

This coffee is lovely, it's the one I have the most, its lighter and smoother but still has a lot of fruity flavours!

* - - - - Disappointed by Rose Bulfin on 3rd April 2018

I've bought this coffee many times but the latest purchase is absolutely disgusting. I'll be sending it back, the beans and the coffee l've already ground. So, so disappointed

Reply from Whittard, 3rd April 2018

"Sorry to hear of your disappointment with this coffee. Please return this to us on our Taste Guarantee, for a replacement or refund."

* * * * * great for drinking and randomly an exfoliant scrub by Elizabeth Hardman on 5th March 2018

I Love the peaberry for it's fruity acidic flavour, bought some and enjoyed most of it then totally it was in the back of the cupboard, I didn't want to throw the remaining grounds away so I mixed them with organic coconut oil and the results was just magic! rub on it the shower,( can get a little messy) and use to exfoliate your whole body, mind you my grounds were quite fine so it wasn't too rough. super refreshing and zero waste! happy days!

* * * * * Amazing by Steve Greppellini-Pledger on 19th February 2018

My favourite coffee, love the acidity and fruity notes. My go to coffee every morning.

* * * * * Great all round daily coffee by manda grundy on 27th August 2017

this coffee I love as it has a mild taste which can be drank through out the day and smells and tastes just as good

* - - - - Bad - something changed by Gary on 7th December 2016

Since my local store closed I've had to resort to ordering on-line. Never been quite the same but this last batch was awful, undrinkable, my local supermarket coffee was better & a fraction of the price. I complained, Rachel from customer services was brilliant in trying to resolve it, I returned a sample which they tested, but said it looked the same colour, a little darker and that concluded their tests. So they replaced the coffee, second batch was slightly better but still a problem. Taste is all wrong. I figured it out, been burnt, over-roasted, frazzled! That sweet subtle caramel after-taste has been replaced with charcoal.

* * * * * Thanks!! by Chris Miller on 21st October 2015

Kenyan Peaberry it hard to get in NZ. So to receive my order promptly in good condition, was as good as the great taste of our first decent coffee for a long time.

* * * * * Kenya peabury coffee by Mrs Jennifer Smyth on 18th October 2015

Love the taste and aroma of this coffee - as our local Whittards has closed down have been unable to purchase. This time I was purchasing it for a gift, but was surprised at the short shelf life. I feel you should be aware of this when purchasing. I appreciate it was freshly ground when buying in store.

* * * * * Kenya Peaberry Coffee by Chris on 16th May 2015

This is one of my all time favourites - a really splendid coffee, full of fruity taste with a nice finish - very smooth!

* * * * * Smooth and aromatic by Nick on 13th April 2015

A lovely well rounded taste that is smooth yet aromatic. A perfect morning cup of coffee.

* * * * * Coffee by Nora kerr on 11th April 2015

This is a delightful coffee a fruity flavour I have introduced my daughters to this one it is that good

* * * * * Excellent by Oz on 28th March 2015

Great tasting coffee, flavours of dark chocolate and burnt caramel . Great smell. A very smooth all day coffee.

* * * * * Great Shop by David Gower on 3rd June 2014

Great Coffee and a fabulous shop. Thank you the Team. DG

* * * * * Lovely by Emyr Williams on 14th March 2012

Great coffee, has a great somewhat fruity after taste very smooth coffee. Have given this coffee to my friends and they all loved it! highly recommended

* * * * * Kenyan Peaberry by Daphne Hobbs on 7th March 2012

Great all round coffee, good value for money and no bitter aftertaste. Excellent service, have used Whittards for years.

* * * * * Simply the Best by Mrs Frances V Boon on 4th October 2011

Excellent coffee beans, super service from Whittard. I'll certainly be back. Many thanks

* * * * * Kenya Peaberry by Marilyn Hughes on 20th September 2011

Absolutely fabulous. I greatly missed our Whittard shop in Peterborough when it closed some time ago, and am delighted that I can now get it fresh on-line. Well done.

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Taste Guarantee

Taste Guarantee

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Kenyan coffee is often ideal for a light roast, yielding bright, fruity notes with a sherbet sweetness. Most Kenyan coffee is produced by cooperatives of smallholdings rather than large estates, and the best varieties are often thought to come from the central region of Kenya, though the western regions are now gaining in popularity. Our Kenyan coffee comes from the famous central region of Nyeri, where rich red soil around the extinct volcano Mont Kenya produces a consistently excellent crop.

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“I like to try out unusual coffees, so I tend to go for our Limited Edition varieties. My favourites are the single estate varieties, as you can track the taste right back to the individual bean.”

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