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Mocha Djimmah Coffee

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Grown at a high altitude beneath the shade of dense forests...

Long before they were first cultivated by the Arabs in Yemen, legend has it that the first Arabica coffee beans were discovered by a goatherd in the province of Kaffa, south-west Ethiopia, back in 850 BC.


A stone’s throw from the home of the first bean, the small round Mocha beans grown in the region of Djimmah have a wonderfully rich and earthy flavour, harking back to their ancient roots – it’s no wonder that Mocha Djimmah is sometimes known as ‘Original Coffee’…

Grown at a high altitude beneath the shade of dense forests, the beans laid out to dry in the scorching sun. Known for their bittersweet chocolate intensity, these Mocha beans give a hit of boozy fruit, and a delicious nutty aftertaste. Mature and multi-layered, this coffee has a flavour as rich as its history. 
  • Origin


  • Body


  • Roast

    Light/Medium (2)

  • Tastes like

    Dark chocolate, rich and winey

Brew the perfect cup

  To really highlight Mocha Djimmah’s body and richness, use a stovetop; or try making it in an AeroPress to bring out its boozy fruit notes. When making coffee always use freshly drawn and boiled water – wait a few seconds for the water to cool so you don’t scald the grinds. Cardinal rule? Never re-heat brewed coffee! Freshness is everything.

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Write a Review
* * * * * great coffee with a hint of choc by manda grundy on 27th August 2017

Love coffee and choc has a very smooth taste it is becoming on of my fav coffee's

* * * * * Simply the best by Francis Beguier on 29th December 2016

Having tried most coffees on the Whittard selection, I have to admit the Mocha Djimmah is definitely the best one, the flavour is just unbelievable!

* * * * * my favourite bean! by R Ward on 3rd December 2016

As ever this remains my favourite coffee: smooth and great at any time of day. It is also one of my son's top picks too.

* * * * * Excellent by Rose Bulfin on 20th May 2015

This is another of my favourite coffees, smooth, nice light roast and a decent price. I'm another one who would drink Blue Mountain all the time if I could afford it but I can afford this and it's a good substitute.

* * * - - The smoothest light roast out there by Catherine on 31st January 2015

Absolutely the smoothest flavor ever one of those rare light roasts that are so hard to find in the UK but can be found for a fraction of the price in some Covernt Garden stores - therefore 3 stars only to the store ;)

* * * * * Heavenly by Nora on 27th January 2015

Among the best coffee I've ever had. Great for a daily cup. Smooth, naturally sweet, delicious. That first morning sip is so warming and brings life to the day. I just love it.

* * * * - Cool Beans by Nick Hartshorn on 26th January 2015

Cool Beans

* * * * - Mocha Djimmah by Ursula Lee on 7th August 2014

Ab Fab my favourite coffee!

* * * * * Mocha Djimmah by marcus drew on 5th June 2014

Lovely coffee, very smooth

* * * * * SIMPLY THE BEST by CAROL MILLS on 20th March 2012

Whittards Mocha Coffee is without doubt the best I have ever found. It is sweet, smooth - just lovely in every way.

* * * * * Mocha-licious by Col on 22nd February 2012

Wonderful coffee, smooth and delicious. Given the cash I'd go for Jamaican Blue Mountain every time, but this is running a very close second and is far more affordable!

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Legend has it that the secret of the Arabica coffee bean was discovered by an Ethiopian goatherd back in 850AD. Noticing his goats seemed rather more frisky than usual, he tracked the cause to the small wild ‘cherries’ they’d been munching… Since then, coffee has been a central part of Ethiopian culture, not least in the elaborate ceremonies where the beans are roasted in huge metal pans over an open fire. Taste profiles can range from fragrant, delicate coffees with notes of citrus and bergamot, through to sweeter coffees with tones of candied and tropical fruit.

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A note from Whittard

“I love a lighter roast, particularly fruitier African coffees. At the moment I’ve been starting the day with a fresh, strong cup of Kenya Peaberry – it’s deliciously sweet, like cherry jam.”

- Tom, Copywriter
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